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Watkins Landing James River

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Had a good time this morning before the skiers and jet skis showed up. On the water at 7AM and off around 11. Fog was bad to start, visibility less than 100 yards. Motored slowly down river towards the bridge and gave up getting any further until the sun came out.

Caught five 1 - 1.5 lbers (mixed bag smallies and LMB) on a black buzzbait and switched to a cinnamon senko when the fog cleared. Water was super clear until Robious Park. I should have switched colors when I got into the muddy conditions, but was stubborn since I caught this one. One of the best fighting fish I've caught in a while. Felt like a redfish trying to bull its way back to the bottom.


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Nice catch on the upper James.

Sorry to hear that the jet skis and ski boats are still out.

Wish you had gone all the way to Tuckahoe Creek and then fish the northern shore back to Watkins or float down the shoreline to Tuckahoe.

Did you hit any places by the 288 bridge? Fish any creek mouths?

Just wondering.

Good report. Glad you did not get into trouble in the fog. :)

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Nice catch in that area! I fish that are a lot and know there are some good ones there!

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Sam - where we started off was was on the northern bank within sight (after the fog burned off) of the bridge. Had good luck there and was glad for the fog since I'd never fished that area.

Will take your Tuckahoe Creek advice in the future. There was one creek mouth there where we fished up river of the bridge, but didn't hit on anything right there.

My best luck has always been where the thick grass used to be on the channel edge across from the park.

Also, my dad and his nightcrawlers were hitting on eating size sunnies all morning. Even the shorter ones were real fat.

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