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Jeffery Black

Mysterious Heddon Lure

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I recently went shopping for antique fly reels when I came across and old tackle box in a glass case. It held some older fly reels and that was all the excuse I needed to buy it at the time. When i got it home and explored a little further I was amazed that there were 14 Heddon lures inside! There is one in particular that has me stumped... It has most of the characteristics of a Heddon S.O.S or "swim on the side" Bait. It also has the familiar "cups" that the eye hooks attach to. It also has two flat sides with only two hooks on one side. I have looked through many pictures online and have not found one quite like it, which makes me wonder, is it a Heddon at all?

A little help Identifying this strange lure would be helpful... Thank you

Jeff Black

Niles, MI.



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It is hard to tell from your pictures, but I believe you have a young wounded minnow #1500 made by Paw Paw. Creek Chub made a very similar lure called injured minnow #1500. Hope this helps.

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If all else fails, send your inquiry to B.A.S.S., What's It Worth? They should be able to identify the lure and give you its estimated value.

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Good idea! Similar Lures are worth about 65-100 dollars.. The box makes it worth more.. as well as having glass eyes. I don't have either. But depending on the make.. I'd say about 45 dollars. Still I found all the other lures including Heddon Crazy crawlers,Runts,Heddon Torpedo's. 14 Heddon's in all. The box, some vintage stuff, and one of the fly reels was an mussielburg No.17 Expert from 1886. Worth about 800 dollars from my research! All that for 125 dollars. Good find! Made my weekend.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it tomorrow! Let ya know what I get.

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