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.357 Max Ammo

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Does anyone know where I can get some .357 Remington Max ammo. I know it's discontinued but some times places still carry it. My father inlaw has an old original contender chambered in the .357 max but he doesn't have many rounds left maybe 5 I'd like to get him a box or two for Xmas and his bday he's always telling me how he loved it for deer and just regular .357 doesn't do the same thing let alone dinky .38 +p don't get the job done. Everywhere I look online and in stores no one carries it just mag.

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I found some today on a site 19.55 a box of 20 I looked all over last year turned up nothing. Were ordering a few boxes for next year we spent most of today sighting it in for some 180gr hp he's got in .357mag. Driving tacks at 100yds but his scope is messed up took hours to get it dialed in it was getting so frustrating. It will be nice next year though with the maxs then it will be mine with in the next few years he said cuz I'm the only one in the family who can get a permit just gotta take the time to get the paperwork and finger prints.

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