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Bad Weather Equals Good Day Of Fishing!

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I really wanted to go fishing today, I have fished only twice this fall and had little luck this year except in Feb. It was around 65 degrees, gusty, partly cloudy, slightly stained water, and water temps pretty low so it would be a day I'd consider not the best for fishing. First I went fishing in a creek since I thought on a day like today chain pickerel would be the best thing to fish for, but not even a bite so I left and went to a pond I frequent. I caught 5 small bass, which I was happy since I didn't think Id catch anything. The clouds started covering the sun so I switch from crank baits to a mepp spinner, I cast the mepp out started reeling and it got hung up so I tugged on it real hard to get it lose ...but it went in the opposite direction! Realizing I have hooked a fish I started pulling and reeling, here is this nice old bass with a huge mouth coming up out of the water, really gotta love those days you think you'll catch nothing only to be dead wrong :D The bass was hooked by one hook and to boot the bait is older then me and rusty, the very point broke off (but it still had the barb) and this fish was a fighter so another lucky landing. A 22 3/4 and a 23 1/2 this year inst bad despite my mistake luck during spring and summer, I barley caught anything bigger then 2 pounds in those two seasons yet the colder months I have more luck...go figure.

Can't wait for spring, hopefully I'll have my boat I bought ready by then, I'm going to be going to Chesdin and the other lakes more so heres hoping I'll catch some even bigger bass next year :D




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Bass move around in cloudy conditions.

You can have great results right before and during a cold front.

You did great. Loved the story. :D

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Thanks! Makes sense :) I caught the 22 3/4 on a day just like today except it wasn't gusty. I've nicknamed this Bass ScarFace because it had a huge scare over its right eye/on its head and one down its tail to its tail fin. Very unmistakable if I were to catch it again which I really really hope! Wanted to get that but my camera died.

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