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No Luck On Fall Bass???

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Alright guys heres the deal,

Here recently Ive been in a fish catching slump. I fish mostly NC lakes (norman, hickory, jordan, harris, falls) and with in the past couple weeks i have been having the worst luck. Ive tried every thing i can think of to tie on, every strategy, every location. Im out of ideas. I know the fall of the year the fish get more active and start feeding heavier to prepare for the upcoming colder weather. I know fishing in the fall can produce a lot of fish. Ive always known bass to like faster presentations this time of year and I will usually throw topwater early and then move to cranking after a while. There has got to be something that I'm doing wrong or not doing and I cant figure it out. What is everybody catching them on and where? Any suggestions?


P.S. - Keep in mind I have pretty basic electronics. No side imaging, gps, or other fancy gadgets.

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Might slow down a bit. Many folks think that because the fish are generally MOVING shallow to feed... fast baits are the answer. I believe that the word "moving" gets stuck in our brains and we think that the Bass are constantly on the move. Shallow fish are just as likely to hit slow "bottom scooters" during these conditions, because they're often holding on or near bottom structure in ambush mode, waiting on a meal.

I advise scouring the likely areas with your quick baits and if unsuccessful, change to slow presentations in the areas you feel is most likely holding fish.

Hope that helps

Big O


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drop shot ....if you are looking for 5 good bites ...and I mean good ones ....I'm new to it... but all the fish have been keepers ....not a lot of fish ...but the ones you get, are big fish ...was going to a tx one sat and it was call off ,man ....it was like getting kick in the ball's ...so I was sitting there mad at 5:00am at the lake.... all geared up for fishing a tx .... so I said to my self this is good time to learn this drop shot...I have tryed befor but with no luck ....but really ...it was like cat fishing ...I was just not in to it ,at the time ...but this day I had told my self it's drop shot or nothing for the day ...put my go to bait on ...(black grape finesse worm) by zoom ...in the water 5in and boom ...big fish right out of the gate ...ben hooking ever sence 25 30 ft of water ...it's not my main thing to fish but ...when the bite is hard to find ...go out to 20 to 25 ft use the drop shot ...but use like you mean it , and slow ....hope this help's

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