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Thomas Klem

Rod For A Quantam Kvd1100Cxe

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Hey everyone, thanks for reading. Long story short I stepped on my BPS Extreme6'6" MHF and damaged the first guide and had to send it to get repaired. In the interim I put the reel on my back up, a Field And Stream Tech Spec 6'6" which I promptly snapped swingin a bass up on a bridge I was fishin off of. So now I'm down two rods and I want to replace/ upgrade the broken one while I wait for my repair. I need some suggestions on what to pair the reel with. Its a 6.3:1 ratio . I've been using it as kind of an all purpose most of the year, lately for jigs. I think I want to go with a 7' of some sort. I'm trying to stay under $100.00 and I've read good things about the St. Croix Triumph and Mojo rods. Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Also, any thoughts an inexspensive backup would be great. I have an old Silvermax reel (my first baitcaster) to go on it. Thanks everyone in advance for your help.

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Grab you a Daiwa S rod, they are on close out at many stores and a great rod for the money.. you can get them for around 70 bucks if you look a little.. they are a decent stick all around and pretty sensitive and very strong so you wont be breaking them if you use a little care.

that stick can not be beat at that price range.. I havent used one in years but back in the day I had 10 or so and made a many of dollars tourney fishing with them in fact back then they used to be called "The pros rod"... Still to this day they are a good value and will make anyone a VERY GOOD starter stick. I would get the 7'MH F worm/jig stick.

They arent the lightest weight rods but other then that they are decent stick at there retail and a great deal at 70-80 bucks.

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