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Adam Smith

Researching Before A Tournament

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Hi, I have heard alot of pros talk about how much they will research a lake before they go and fish in a tournament. I was wondering what does that research include. What all should you cover when researching a lake before a tournament, and where/what are good sites, ect. to find information that will help imporve knowledge about that lake. Thanks for any help!

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Go to the fishing articles on this site then fishing tournament tips then tournament preparation its a good articles on the waymike iaconelli prepare for a tournament.

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Pro's and any other tournament angler will usually research a few basic characteristics/areas before hitting the water.

First, weather and seasons can help eliminate "dead water". Seasonal patterns are all about probability. Anglers should pay attention to the season and weather currently being experienced on that particular lake or river.

Second, matching the hatch is something most pro's do exceptionally well. From mimicking shad to using finesse techniques, many successful pro's know exactly when and where to throw certain kinds of baits. Researching natural prey is very important because each body of water can vary drastically from one another.

Third, many pro's study past tournaments and results. From watching videos to reading articles, they are able to diagnose and interpret past experiences. Does this mean they hit the same spots or throw the same exact lures? No, but history can play a big part in trying to research successful patterns.

Lastly, networking is a huge part of tournament fishing. Some pro's claim they do not communicate with other anglers, but the majority of tourney guys and gals have a "trustworthy" network of friends/acquaintances who trust each other with important information about the fishing conditions.

Ultimately, on-the-water experience will always be a better instructor than any other option. The more you fish, the more your knowledge will grow. Hands down...experience is the best teacher.

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