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Ardent Vs. Lew's

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ok so im an ardent guy, i love their reels and the way they perform but found that i was having to do a little tweaking or they werent functioning/performing like a $200 reel should. i recently bought a lew's speed spool ($89.99) and all i have to say is wow! this thing felt smoother, tighter, and was reaallllyy quiet right outta the box than any of the ardents i have. i couldnt believe it, honestly. if this "entry" level reel felt that way i can only imagine how lew's top of the line reels feel and function. ive used curados, chronarchs, revos, and wasnt impressed at all. theyre god but highly overrated in my opinion but thats just me. i took it and the iROD freds magic stick that its on out to the river to put em both through the gauntlet and yea, they both passed with flying colors. this reel winched a 6 pounder outta some nasty stuff with no problems at all! i love the paddle style grips these reels have they feel amazing. the rod, reeally really sensitive, strong, and light. idc what people think about irod, theyre awesome and i love em and its nice to call and speak to the man himself. im lovin this combo and i think i have found the rods and reels im gonna use from now on. if any of you have ever been curious about lew's and/or irod, try em out for yourself, you will not be disappointed trust me.


im not sponsored by either company i just love and believe in theyre products

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