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Rod/reel Pairing Help

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Looking to start fishing local tournaments. I think i have a good amount of combos to do it.

What i do have:

Reels: Shimano Curado E7 (spooled with 50lb pp), Daiwa Alpha F (spooled with 55lb samurai braid), Shimano Core 50, I do have a Daiwa T3 but after hearing all the problems i think im going to swap it out for two chronarch e's. Daiwa Sol 2500, Daiwa Capricorn 2500

Rods: NRX 893 and 822, Dobyns 704 and 705 glass, Dobyns 765, St Croix Ltb 7'1 M, Berkley Lightning 7 M

How i pair em:

Berkley Lightning 7M / Daiwa Capricorn (Suffix Mono) - Grubs, Tubes

NRX 822 / Daiwa Sol (braid with a fluoro leader) - Dropshot

Dobyns 765 / Curado E7 (with 50 lb braid) - Flip, Frogs (i actually love the length for frogs)

Dobyns 704 / ? - Light cranks, jerkbaits, topwater (i like the soft tip)

Dobyns 705 / ? - Lipless cranks, jerkbaits, deep divers

St Croix Ltb '12 7'1 / ? - Jigs, Spinnerbaits

NRX 893 / Core50 (unsure of what line to use) - Jigs, weightless plastics

I have the daiwa alpha on hand spooled, im positive im going to exchange the Daiwa t3 for 2 other reels. Which chronarch e gear ratios go well with the rods with the ? , and what lines would you suggest for the last four combos. Was thinking a chronarch 50e for the 704, and a 200e 6 gear ratio, not as great for deep divers but good for the lipless cranks, and since my alpha is spooled with braid, throw it on the LTB

Sorry for the awkward post, just trying to get the best possible setup with what i have, recently bought a boat, and am in University, so i have to spend funds cautiously lol.

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Welcome to BR! You seem to have the right idea so far. Unless you are set on the Chronarch E's, I would take a look at the Lew's Tournament Pro. The new chronarch's are almost identical to the old Curado e's. I find the Lew's to be smoother and lighter than the new chronarch. If you follow through on my idea I would get the 6.4:1 for your 704. I would get the 5.4:1 for your 705. As for lines I would put a nice mono on your 704 such as Seaguar Senshi or Sunline Super Natural. For your 705 I would use a nice Fluoro or mono your choice. For your LTB braid will work fine.

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What about the Nrx 893, i was thinking fluoro? I would consider the lews, only problem is i bought the reel from a local retailer. I got the t3 for $300, their willing to exchange it for two chronarchs, other than that they have daiwas (ballistic, zillion, steez) and abu garcias, but no lews reel.

I originally planned to use the t3 on the nrx, but alot of folks over @ tt seem to think its a bad reel.

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I'd use light fluoro on the nrx 893. That's a big discount on the t3 isn't it? I thought it was $430? It may not be a great reel for it's price but at $130 off it sounds like a good deal. I'm sure that you will be happy with the chronarchs though. It may be just me but I think the chronarchs would be a better choice from a tournament standpoint because the t3 seems a bit finicky and that dialing it in would be wasting precious time in a tournament. I'm sure you will be happy with either choice you make.

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At a few canadian retailers, the reg price is 385, not so sure why, even the ballistic is 219. During boxing day i received an exta 20% off, and no tax so i jumped on it right away.

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