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the crab

Preferred Glue For....

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What's everybody using to glue down plastic baits for casting in resin? I've used double sided tape with less than perfect results and I think some type of spray adhesive might work better. Suggestions?

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Here is a video about it. Since you've already tried making the molds you don't need to watch the whole thing but right at the beginning he gives the name of the glue he uses

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The gasket maker in the video sounds promising. Be careful not to get too much on.

Other things that will help:

- Clean baits in detegent and dry thoroughly.

- Put a flat surface over the baits and place a some weight to hold it down.

- Do not add too much hardner. It will cause resin to heat up hotter, and "melt" bait or glue.

- Flat sided baits are easier than round.

- Flat pours may require appendages to be cut off and laid flat. Anything that dips below the top will be an issue with removing bait from mold or require extensive dremel work. An example would be a paca craw where the pinchers attach to the body.

- Do not rush this stage, unless you like sanding and dremel work in resin. ;)

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