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I currently own both of these reels. I just bought the high speed a couple days ago and I paired it with a 7' Medium-Light Carrot Stix Wild. I normally don't care what my combo's look like, but both the rod and reel were on clearance for $59.97 each, and they match perfectly. I couldn't pass it up.

But anyways, I was curious if anyone knows if the normal Trio and the Trio HS's gears are interchangable?

I'd rather the high speed be on a 6'9" medium heavy I have for skipping docks and general plastics use than my new dropshot rod, as I feel line pickup is more important for that when I often have slack line, but this combo looks and feels so good together I don't want to swap the whole reel.

Am I right or what? Who would split this pair. I just thought I'd ask first to see if they are. I've looked at the schematics and tried to find any information but there isn't much available, I'm assuming, because these reels aren't very popular. I'm more than comfortable taking my reels apart, but I'd rather just avoid it if its already known that they aren't interchangable.


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Well, I got bored after the little woman went to work, so I took a stab at it, and it happens to have worked very well. I now have a Trio 30 with a 6.2:1 ratio and a Trio 30S with a 5.0:1 ratio.

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