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Line Options For Walleye River Run

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We are gearing up for the walleye run on the Maumee river here in NW Ohio. It's my 3rd season and I'm trying to put together a game plan with the gear I already have.

I have two setups:

St. Croix ML 7' Eyecon w/ Phlueger President

St. Croix M 7' Mojobass w/ Shimano bantam 201 Curado

We use a Carolina rig with a snap swivel attached to a barrel swivel holding the 6# flouro leader and a floating jig. The only morning I used the Eyecon, the current was too fast and I had trouble bouncing a 1oz egg sinker on 10# Berkley 100% flouro. I didn't feel much until I ran into snags.

For the summer lake bass I got rid of the flouro, too much memory and casting seemed affected. I spooled up with 8# Fireline Crystal and got the Mojobass, spooled with 20# Trilene mono. It was a fun summer.

Now it's almost spring. From last year's experience I understand I have to maintain better contact with the bottom and use a line sensitive enough to transfer strikes through a leader and two swivels.

I will use the Eyecon on low water and light current days (1/4oz to 3/4 oz) and the Mojobass after rainfall (3/4oz +). But what lines should I use? I need durability and sensativity which tells me flouro, and now I know about conditioners that improve their performance. But is flouro better than braid in river current with flat sandstone? Not to mention I'm stumped on weight.

Without guidance I would try a 6# or 8# braid on the Eyecon but am scared to use any braid on the Curado. The heavy set up would get a 14# flouro, with casting distance in mind on high water days since I cannot wade deeper and am further from center channels.

Any advice would be put to test because I am honestly guessing.

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