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Tips For Immediate Post Spawn

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I'm usually turkey hunting at that time so I don't have a lot of experience finding fish. I've got a big tourney on a So FL lake in March and the vast majority of spawning activity will be over. Most articles I read talk about fishing deeper lakes and don't reference a place that has water no deeper than 8ft with hydrilla all over.

My current plan of attack is to start the day hitting some open water grass points (maidencaine) for any bass schooling on shad and then move to the outside grass lines and pad fields just off of the spawning areas. There's also a bank lined with cypress trees that I'm really optimistic about. Some of these trees come out 20-30 yards off of a few well defined points. In the summer I wouldn't try and win a tournment beating a cypress bank in 2-3 FOW but with 70* water temps in March I think I could catch one or two.

The lake has a couple of deeper holes (if you call 8 or 9 ft deep) but I don't think the bass will be out there in abundance at this point. It also has an abundance of hydrilla all over the lake since it only averages 4-5 FOW. Again, with the bass just coming off the spawn I don't forsee them being in the middle of the lake even if it is only 4 FOW with hydrilla patches all over.

Of course I'll be prefishing. Just trying to solidify my game plan before heading out.

Edit - forgot one other thing. I've caught bass in prespawn flipping mats...is this is a good post spawn tactic?

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