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Line Choice For Smaller/medium Swimbaits

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The weather has been really nice the past couple of day and id like to get out and lob some swimbaits.

The size baits ill be throwing are Mattlures Baby Bass,Huddelston Shad,and Huddelston 6"Trout and Optimum Line Thru baits.

I know theres gotta be an "Optimal" line Brand, # test and material,but I dont want to shell out any more $$$ and want to use up the stuff I already have,Soooo....Here are the lines I have at my disposal at the moment which I "think" would work well for swimbaits.

Bass Pro Premium Excel Mono in 14,17,and 20# test in Clear Blue/Transparent

Berkley Trilene Big Game in 15# test in Green

With those being my choices,what should my bare minimum # test be for throwing the Swimbaits ive mentioned above?

Based on my line options above what would be the most optimal,all around best # line to use?

Ill be throwing the swimbaits on an Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6000 along with a Medium Heavy7"0 Berkley Lightning Rod.

I know my rod and reel choice may not be optimal,but its the most stout setup I have at my disposal.

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The Big Game is fine, I know most will tell you to use some kind of braid and that is fine too but I'm an old school guy. I use braid for frog fishing and jig fishing in nasty cover with a flipping stick, thats it. I find that a good copoly works well for most anything you just have to find the line that gives you a balance of casting and strength that is acceptable to the user. I like Cajun Clear Lightning for fishing jigs and spinnerbaits in cover, it gets a bad rap because number one, it is cheap, number two, it is designed for casting reels and if you put it on spinning reels it is like wire. I like it not because it is cheap, which is nice but I would pay a premium for it if was priced that way since it has the lowest stretch I ever saw with mono and it has the abrasion resistance that is on par with flourocarbon. Anyway, the same thing with Big Game, it is tough enough for you to fish the swimbaits in weeds and has a little stretch that I find is good when using reaction baits. The 15# is plenty but the Excel 17# would also work, I think the 20# is the point that your casting will take a noticable hit. As far as any thing being optimal, it all depends on the situation as not all are the best for everything like 12# or 14# would be great for open water or some sparse grass and 15# or 17# would be the choice for weeds and brush.

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