The Bandit Rack-It Square Bill Review

The Bandit Rack-It Square Bill Review As an avid square bill enthusiast, I was thrilled to have a chance to try and review the Bandit Rack-It. Here are my findings.


The Bandit Rack-It Square Bill

The Norman Fat Boy (redear) has been my go-to square bill for more than a decade, but now it has some competition. The new Bandit Rack-It may just be the ticket. I've been putting this bait through the paces for the paste several months, and I must say I'm impressed.

   The unique "hunting action" of this square bill is something the bass on your waters probably have never seen, at least not yet!   This aggressive action that triggers strikes is achieved by using a unique molded-in, shaved bill.  The bill’s design also improves durability, which is exactly what you want in a bait used for bouncing off hard cover such as rip-rap and rock piles.  And when it deflects off cover, it will shoot off at a sharper angle than most square bills, which can trigger more bites.

   But the sound it makes is key.  The unique design emits a sound that bass are not used to hearing. It’s made from a polymer not common in the fishing world.  Butyrate is a tough, rigid, buoyant material with a different density than plastic, which accounts for its unusual underwater sound. The exclusive design of the rattle chamber takes advantage of the butyrate’s characteristics to create a sound that make bass want to destroy it.

   The butyrate also gives it more buoyancy than plastic, and that's critical when you're fishing with square bills. You want that buoyancy because when you're fishing through that cover, especially wood, and you hit it, pause and let it drift up a little bit. That makes it look like a wounded or stunned baitfish which often triggers vicious strikes.

   This is an extremely aerodynamic lure that maximizes casting distance, which also reduces the "foot-in-mouth" problem frequently affecting common treble hook baits. I just don’t get that tangled mess with this bait like I do with other crankbaits.

   The 2.75-inch, .625-ounce Rack-It is designed to run four to six feet deep and comes in twelve colors. So pick your favorite.

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