Review of the Pinnacle Producer LTE Reel and Perfecta DHC 5 Rod

Review of the Pinnacle Producer LTE Reel and Perfecta DHC 5 Rod How does this mid-range combo compare to its high-end competition? Look inside to see if it's worth it!


Pinnacle Producer LTE and Perfecta Rod

Pinnacle Producer LTE and Perfecta Rod

Pinnacle has reached the pinnacle of fishing rods and reels


Over the last year or so Bass Resource moderators have had the great fortune of evaluating a number of Pinnacle’s new rods and reels. Once a quarter each moderator was provided with his or her choice of a rod and a reel for testing and comment.


Overall, I have been extremely pleased with Pinnacles’ new products, and even replaced a few of my go-to rods and reels with the new gear.


This quarter I elected to evaluate the Perfecta Tournament Class DHC5-681CAM baitcasting rod, coupled with the Producer LTE.  The Producer has already been reviewed by members of the Bass Resource staff.  I fully agree with their conclusions, i.e. It is a good, solid, light-weight reel selling at a very affordable price. It should certainly be considered by anglers on a budget.


The DHC5-681CAM is a 6’8” Medium rod with an extra fast tip. The fit and finish are excellent, and the blue tint in the finish seems to change colors when viewed in direct sunlight. The cork in the split grip is of very good quality, with no pits or splits. The hook-keeper is in an excellent position, placed directly in front of the reel, on the underside of the rod.  I especially like the Fuji Alconite micro guides with the anti-snag design. To me the rod seems to be more sensitive with the micro guides.


I chose the rod for use as primarily a top water rod, and it performs well in that regard. Walking the dog with a Zara Spook was almost an effortless exercise. That extra fast tip did most of the work, as was the case when it came to setting the hook. There was no need for a violent hook-set as the tip did most of the work. 


I also fished this rod with a weightless plastic, swimming it through the tops of the grass. I received no bites, but the sensitivity of the rod was amazing.


I have no hesitation in recommending this rod. It, too, has become one of my go-to rods, displacing another long-time regular.

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