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Hank Parker takes our founder Glenn May for a day of fishing in Alabama!




Glenn: Nicely done. Whoops.

Hank: Catch and release, that's even better. There we go.

Glenn: This is that new...Berkley  the crank, did it?

Hank: It is. Yeah.

Glenn: Look at this. Weighted bill. Haven't had a chance to try one of those yet.

Hank: That's the 15-footer there.

Glenn: What is the water temp in here anyway?

Hank: 90.4. There we are. Got one.

Glenn: Here he comes.

Hank: A good one. A real good one.

Glenn: Come here, you.

Hank: Do it, Glenn.

Glenn: He wants to show off for us.

Hank: That's a pretty fish there, buddy. Pretty fish.

Glenn: That will work. That will work. That's a good fish.

Hank: I told you it was a good fish.

Glenn: A mouthful of crankbait too.

Hank: All right, been out there the whole time. 10 pound the line, remember that. So if a person's got a question about, "Hey, Glenn, I saw you and Hank out there on Lake Caroline fishing crankbaits, what were those crankbaits?" You can answer that question.

Glenn: I can.

Hank: Boy, fishing is a changing thing. This whole world's a changing moving target with social media and all the things that happen.

Glenn: Well, Jeff, I hope that answers your question.

Hank: My buddy, Glenn May, has put together a website called BassResource. It is the single most informative website that I have ever visited. I've been working with him on this and being a little bitty teeny part of it for a while now. But Glenn and I are going to get together. We're going to go fishing, we're going to talk about the forum that he does on his website. We're going to talk about how things are changing, and we're going to try to catch a fish in the process. So it's going to be happening. You stay with me, I'm Hank Parker.

Two hours of pushing broom

Buys a eight by ten

Glenn: That's it.

Hank: There we go.

Glenn: Got him. Oh, he came off. Man have no means of money. Or something like that.

Hank: I'm a man of means.

Glenn: So that's it. A man of means.

Hank: Fish, fish, fish. Fish.

Glenn: That's the pattern. We have to sing.

Hank: That was the way I figured it to be, yeah, for sure.

Glenn: Really? It should be right there.

Hank: They are there, they're just not biting. They're there. Their bream beds are there. They're right there. Missed him. He bit the little 10-inch worm. He took it...

Glenn: He took it, I was going to say, bet he took it.

Hank: He took and bit my little 10-inch worm. Now, you know I'm not a technology guy. I'm not a guy that embraces change very good. I don't know how to deal with all the internet. I'm not a surfer. I don't know the answer to a lot of the social media questions. But I can tell you, I was introduced to BassResource, Glenn May's website, and I liked it. It was solid information. He does a forum that is in different geographical areas. He's got different people in different states, and you get so many different opinions and input on information whether it's techniques, methods, or lakes that is really key information to help you improve your fishing. And I like that. That was a good one. It went all the way to the core.

Glenn: So that's what those look like.

Hank: You had one before?

Glenn: I've heard about them.

Hank: Well, I'm going to be honest with you, I've been trying for years and I finally got one.

Glenn: Congratulations.

Hank: Thank you. I don't go to a lot of websites because they're so controversial. I hate all the controversy. Everything about the outdoors ought to be good, refreshing, exciting. I mean, we don't need to hide ourselves under a basket if there are some environmental issues we need to be aware of, all that's good. But it needs to be done in a positive way and everything that I want to do with the outdoors is positive. I want to take kids fishing. I want to get the Outdoor Dream Foundation well-known. I want to do things that are meaningful and are positive. So I like that about BassResource. It is about information that is positive. First cast, BASS tournamnet. Man, it took me probably two and a half minutes to take that thing out when I picked it up. My little line was tight and I set it to a couple of 7.14.

Glenn: Nice.

Hank: And we're done.

Glenn: Go get them, Hank.

Hank: Real excited to have Glenn as a guest on the show. That's a good one too.

Glenn: Nice.

Hank: Letting it lay there. And I'm pretty intrigued with how he got this thing started, and how he keeps it going, and how did he go about putting all these forums together. So, it's pretty cool that I get the chance to fish with him. Some serious fish here.

Glenn: Bring this line in.

Hank: Very serious fish.

Glenn: There we go.

Hank: How about that? That is a serious fish. I like that this morning. Look at that...

Glenn: Nice. Nice.

Hank: ...bass fish.

Glenn: There we go.

Hank: Now that's the way to start the day. How about that?

Glenn: Nice. Beautiful fish.

Hank: These fish are laying out here. There's about a million bream beds there. And the information that I got from my buddy, Kyle Taylor, who's been fishing a lot in the last couple of days says the bite is a very slow bite. Fish are not really, really aggressive, so you have to really work it. And a worm continuously moving slow on the bottom has been the most productive for him. He's a great fisherman, so not that I won't throw any topwater, but I will try to take his advice and fish that 10-inch worm slow and from these bream beds to see what happens.

Glenn: My turn.

Hank: About time, I've been waiting on you. Pull on, my friend.

Glenn: Oh, boy. He came off. He got away. He jumped.

Hank: He didn't stay on.

Glenn: I don't know if you heard or not, the plumbers that were over there yesterday, the big guy was working on the sprinkler. That billy goat hit him on the side and knocked him and then he rolled down the hill.

Hank: Oh, no kidding. How about that?

Glenn: He got tackled by a billy goat.

Hank: How'd you come up with BassResource?

Glenn: Well, right about '94, '95, I got some books on HTML and JavaScript. The idea was to build a site that I could use as like a resume so I could go get a job somewhere. Back then a big website had three pages. So I built it 50 pages and I went to Microsoft and said, "Would you guys hire me?" And they did. So I said, "All right." I'm going to pack it up and close it down and I did this job. You know, the resume worked. But then I decided, "Well, you know what? It's not really hurting anything, so...

Hank: keep it going.

Glenn: ...I'll just keep it going."

Hank: So it's all about bass fishing information.

Glenn: It's all about bass fishing.

Hank: You post that every day?

Glenn: Every day.

Hank: Every day?

Glenn: Yep. We have professional writers that write for the site every day, videos. I've got the forums that have become extremely popular, and yeah, people are posting all day long on there, 24/7.

Hank: Every single day.

Glenn: Who would've thunk, right?

Hank: Who would have ever thunk it? All right, we're having some good conversation going on and we're actually catching fish. I think we're going to catch another one, so stay with me, we'll be right back. And how many people come to your site on a daily basis?

Glenn: Between 35,000 and 40,000 a day.

Hank: Between 35,000 and 40,000 people a day to talk bass fishing.

Glenn: Yep, it was a bass, look at that. Look at that. Oh, it's a good one.

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Glenn: Look at that.

Hank: You got him. He's all yours.

Glenn: Oh my goodness.

Hank: Did you see your bobber go under, or how did you know?

Glenn: You folks at home make a note of that.

Hank: Hey, you know, this whole show was about Glenn being a part of "Hank Parker's Outdoor Magazine" but it also was about me having the opportunity to go on his social media site and answer questions.

Glenn: Hey, folks, Glenn May here with bassresource.com and I'm here with Hank Parker. We've been out fishing in some of Hank Parker Outdoors TV. And took a little break here to answer some of your tips. We're sitting here doing some of Hank Parker's tips. I'll try that again. Boy, I really stumbled through that. Hey, folks, Glenn May here... Glenn May... Hey, folks, Glenn May here with bassresource.com. And I'm here with Hank Parker another week, weekly... What's my name? I'll try it again. Hey, folks, Glenn May here with bassresource.com. Bug was getting me. Hey, folks, Glenn May here at BassResource.com, and welcome to another weekly episode of Hank Parker's fishing tips with Hank Parker.

Hank: How about that? Here I am, Glenn. No one's found that out yet.

Glenn: Somebody help, help me. Hank, this week's question comes from Paul from Streamwood, Illinois. And he's asked, "When you're halfway into the tournament and the chips are down..."

Hank: So he had like 100 different questions that people all over the country ask my opinion of. So that was kind of neat. That is a challenge and there are so many people... And I do my best to answer them the best I could. If I didn't know the answer I'd make something up, what the heck. That's the whole key.

Glenn: Well, Paul, I hope that answers your question.

Hank: Here you go.

Glenn: Here you go. There you go, bring them in.

Hank: Roll it right there behind, there's a bunch of them. I'll take about five or six lures out of those.

Glenn: That was a bass, look at that.

Hank: I'll tell you.

Glen: Look at that. Oh, it's a good one.

Hank: Glenn, what you got, Glenn?

Glenn: Oh, look at this?

Hank: Hook it this way.

Glenn: Oh my goodness.

Hank: You know, I think you're excited. I think you're excited.

Glenn: Holy moly. Come here, honey.

Hank: You're getting nervous, Glenn. Glenn, stay up here on the deck, don't get nervous. We want to see him, let him jump for the camera. I know you're... Whoo.

Glenn: Whoo, look at that.

Hank: You're excited. Here you go, I got it.

Glenn: You got him?

Hank: Yeah. We got him in the boat.

Glenn: Look at that.

Hank: You thought that was a carp, didn't you? That is the biggest mouth carp. I'm holding your fish, but I wanted to get close enough to the camera that we could see we finally got a 5-pound fish, what they look like. We've had a hard time this morning getting the bites in the boat. But here, I'm going to let you hold him and release him.

Glenn: Boy, he clobbered it.

Hank: He did.

Glenn: Thank you, thank you, sweetie. I'll just release nice and easy.

Hank: Yeah, if...

Glenn: Look at that.

Hank: ...we see more of those carp, we'll be doing better. That fish was pushing water just like a carp.

Glenn: He clocked it. Yeah, I thought it was a carp. But I thought, you know what? I'll just throw it in front of it just in case. And man, he hammered it.

Hank: He did hammer it.

Glenn: Just hammered it.

Hank: And he did it hard too. He did it good besides hammering it.

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Hank: I thought they'd bite the old topwater when I saw all these cruisers, but they hadn't been so very excited about it. What we're doing is we're fishing for bass that are so targeted on these bluegill beds that what we're throwing, topwater bait worms, spinnerbait, crankbait, all the other things have not looked enough like bluegill to get them excited. So we're really having to work to get these fish to bite our little rubber baits, or our little spinner bugs, or our little topwater bait. And when they hit it, they're not sold on it. You can tell they're just not sold. That's why I bet this morning I have missed as many fish or more than I've caught. And that always frustrates me. I hate finding fish, getting the bite, and then not being able to close the deal. Let's see what happens.

Glenn: Hank, this week's question comes from Ken Godding of Akron, Ohio. And he asks, "When summer hits, it seems all the big fish go away. How do you find and catch those bigger fish during summer?"

Hank: He don't know his lure. Well, Ken, if I knew the answer to that, I'd have made a lot more money than what I made without all the tournament circuits. That summertime big fish bite is really, really hard to find. And sometimes you can find them out there on that deepwater structure.

Glenn: There it is.

Hank: Little bitty guy. You know, David Fritts was a master of just taking his depth finder and going down and getting all those creek channels that crankin and catching individual fish. It seems like those big guys don't gang up as much as slot fish, the 3 and 4-pounders. Once they get 6, 7 pounds like you catch in the spring of the year, they're kind of loaners. So Fritts won so many tournaments just throwing a crankbait, hitting the stump on the edge of a creek channel, and catching one bass.

Glenn: That'll work.

Hank: He may go 500 yards before he catches another one, maybe a mile. So just covering a lot of territory looking for solo fish. Usually, that school of fish is not going to be a giant bass like you catch in the spring. So, it seems like those big fish are really, really tough to come by because they're loners, and they're scattered out, so you just have to cover a lot of water. Crankbait's a good way to do that. I got a little fish. I got a little fish on my crankbait.

Glenn: There you go.

Hank: We're out here cranking a roadbed that I thought we'd be catching a lot more fish on. We've caught a few. Not what I thought we'd catch and it's a good place to catch a big one. We hadn't done that yet. But we're not giving up.

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Hank: You got a little fish, don't you? Are you trying to tell me you got a big one?

Glenn: Well, he sure thinks he's big.

Hank: Oh, good one.

Glen: There we go.

Hank: Do you have as many as 5,000 or 6,000 questions in a day?

Glenn: Not in a day, new ones every day, we get quite a few dozen. I've never really counted before. And I'm not the only one answering. We have...everybody chimes in.

Hank: The top of the... Hey, the purpose of our show today... I am not an internet guy at all. I've been slow to catch on. But Glenn's site is so informative, and there is a wealth of information there from all over the country. So it is a really, really unique website that has probably packed more information about how to, when to, on bass fishing than any other site that I've visited. So Glenn, it has been so much fun out here today...

Glenn: My pleasure, Hank.

Hank: ...trying and you showed off and caught the biggest fish. And that's okay, I forgive you.

Glenn: I had a blast today.

Hank: And I may edit that out.

Glenn: Boy, he clobbered it.

Hank: He did. Release that big boy.

Glenn: He's done. Back in the bowl.

Hank: Back in the ball game.

Glenn: Whoa.

Hank: Just go ahead and jump out. Go ahead. We probably won't show that but twice. Once in regular motion and once in slow motion.

Glenn: Somebody help, help me now, please.

Hank: Hey, Glenn came from a long way away, Washington State. But his website makes the whole world small. Man, he's got people that join in on the forum from all over the country. It's amazing how he's put that thing together and so much information. And I look forward to working with Glenn for many, many years and being a part of his website, bassresource.com. You need to check that out. It is a very, very good way to learn and learn about different geographical areas. The one thing that he did not learn through the website is how humid it is in Alabama. So he had a big culture shock when he came from a weather perspective. But Glenn and I had a lot of fun. We talked about the website, but we also worked on catching fish out of Lake Caroline. Hope you enjoyed the show today. It was fun for me and I look forward to seeing you again next week. God bless you. I'm Hank Parker.

Man: And don't forget to visit us at hankparker.com, the place for tips, giveaways, and more.

The house needs paintin', the grass needs mowin',

Where's he at? Gone fishin'.