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What the heck?  Where did this one come from?
© Eric Jackson
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What the heck? Where did this one come from?


I was letting the wind blow me down along a big shallow area where I really didn't expect to catch anything, just passing through, but couldn't resist pounding the bank and pulling this white 3/8 oz spinner with a large chunk trailer to pass the time as I was standing up and the wind was taking me to my next "good spot". In 12" of water, no cover, late October(water temp was 59 degrees according to my Raymarine Dragonfly) this bass came out of nowhere and smashed the spinner 10' from my Big Rig kayak. He fought hard, but I had 20 pound test line and brought him in fast, with no structure to get in the way it was an easy catch. Still, I was shocked at the location of this bass. Didn't catch any other big ones all day, and it was a relatively slow fishing day- 8 bass 6 hours. This one made my day, however!


© Eric Jackson

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