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SHIMANO 17 Scorpion DC 100 HG


If a basshead is considering a DC reel, here's how it's gone for me.

perhaps this can help decide one way or the other. 

Here's my two cents.

Like many of the esteemed BR forum members here, I've been using standard (non-DC) casting reels for a few decades. They've come a long way.

 The DC reels have always been intriguing to me.  

Back when they first were available here, a couple of guys I've fished with in Mexico used them.

Admittedly the DC reel whine took some getting used to. 

They seemed to like them quite a bit but I wasn't seeing much in the way of 'superior performance' either in distance or over-run deals.  Seemed the same as when they were using non-DC reels.

(btw- these guys all use high end gear - all next level to what I was using).

So I was content to just stick with what was working for me. 


Fast forward, early spring 2018 (still iced in), and with a full blown case of cabin fever, I caved to the hype.

Did some research and after some 'shopping' scored the SHIMANO 17 Scorpion DC 100 HG (Right Handle)

 t-ssdc100hg from Japan Lure shop for a cool ¥28,100.00 ($252 USD).


 As that first season using it progressed, I used the reel in several different applications; including but perhaps not limited to, casting crankbaits,  spinnerbaits & topwater, skipping docks (not a pro here), and some light jig fishing duties.  All with both FC & braid and on a few different rods. This went on for two seasons.


  My impressions of the reel are: it's a quality reel, it does what it's advertised to do and in a fairly repeatable & dependable manner.  The DC 'whine' seems a bit subdued compared to those first versions my fishing partners were using, and I do like that.   

 In the end I have relegated the reel a one of my jerkbait rigs. (Perhaps even the Favorite)

It's mounted on a 6'10" M Alpha Angers stick and loaded with 10lb FC.

 Honestly, The Scorpion DC is indefinitely one of my 'better' casting rigs, however I am NOT breaking distance records every time out; regardless of the wind direction.  


That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 



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