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    Northern Michigan ~
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    Between 11-12 lbs
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    Lake Menderchuck ~ Lake Baccarac
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    As a dedeicated dog lover we foster, place, and always have a small pack of our own. Maintaining a decent level of overall fitness has also been a priority my entire life and something I plan to continue.

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    I live in Northern Michigan and I’m fairly addicted to the smallmouth bass fishing here. I fish from an Old Town square back canoe and a Lund 1875 Pro V Bass Boat. As a Retired US Coast Guardsman, I'm having a Blast on the water every chance I get.

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  1. Just keep fishing. After something like that, I'd move along. If you can see the bass, the bass for sure can see you. Detection often reduces bites. Come back later and present the same bait to the same spot/area but from a different angle and from MUCH farther away. Good Luck A-Jay
  2. Almost missed Fish Catch Friday - But I'm sneaking this one in under the wire. Diving into the archives and showing cool & kind a rare by catch. While fishing for smallies on Lake Menderchuck, I had what ended up being an epic battle with my first Michigan Sturgeon. 02 Weeks 03 Days & a Wake up A-Jay
  3. I've been watching these for a while. Prices have been all over the place. But with free shipping, this actually isn't too bad. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N5UA1YO/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A3H30ATSR61H8N&psc=1 But my Blue tops are 15 lbs lighter per battery. A-Jay
  4. Arthritis is bad news and bring about life altering debilitation. The right kind of exercise can really help however. It can improve health and fitness without hurting joints. Combined with a treatment program, exercise can add to quality of life. And it can: Strengthen muscles around joints. Help maintain bone strength. Increase energy. Make it easier to sleep well. Help control weight. Improve balance. Improve mood. Bones need strong muscles for support. Not exercising weakens those supporting muscles. Weak muscles put more stress on joints. Adding excess body weight to that is not the best deal either. A-Jay
  5. Total Body 2 for the last workout of the month. Performed 3 working sets. Maintaining my joint health over all these years has been tricky. I'm being extra careful with it these days. #borninfiftynine A-Jay
  6. Same ~ Open water - paddle tail on a jighead. Just about any cover at all - Swim jig. Side note - first several bass I ever caught on a swim jig, were from an open water deal, but I was presenting it right on the bottom. Hardly ever do that any more though. Hmmmmm . . . . A-Jay
  7. Yup ~ And considering current inventory deals, we may need to order one now, knowing we may need it two years down the road. Just to have it on hand. Did I just say that out loud ? Might actually be a good idea now that I think about it. Oh Man . . . A-Jay
  8. Thanks for asking. Thought about it long & hard. After a metric ton of research and measuring for fitment, I had a sit myself down and have an honest discussion. End result was, what I have works well and more importantly suits my style. What I was considering changing was going to cost Big $$$$ and in my mind I couldn't justify whatever increase in big bass catches I might realize. So the Pro-V Bass is still the same as it ever was - coming on season 7. I will say that if my Fortrex totally dies, I'd try to go the Ultrex route. A-Jay
  9. I agree with you @Dirtyeggroll Early season is a time for trophies. I've got just a bit more time to wait as the hard water slowly melts away. However, as soon as the opportunity presents itself, a trophy hunting I will go. My rig is already locked and loaded. 😎 A-Jay
  10. And it only took a week ~ A-Jay
  11. My hair's a little shorter but other than that, pretty close. A-Jay
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