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  1. After my son had tested Negative for Lyme twice in one month, he got a haircut (very short, clippers in the back). It became very apparent - two large bullseyes at the base of his hairline. Went back to the doc and tested negative a 3rd time and they would not put him on Doxycycline. He didn’t get on Doxy until 3 months later (different doc) and it was far too late. Now 5 years later he not only has all the fatigue and joint soreness that he started with, but now chronic infections in his liver and prostate a couple times a year. He’s 27, miserable, unemployable and understandably quite depressed. Prime of his life. Bottom line, if you have symptoms and test negative and your physician will not treat - go to your state Lyme Foundation (many states now have this, including Minnesota) and have them get you in touch with a Lyme doctor that will treat you within the first 2-3 weeks the symptoms start.
  2. The first sign of ANY unusual symptoms, go to a Lyme-friendly doctor that will put you on a preventative dose of Doxycycline without testing. The testing is antiquated CDC technology and only is accurate about 40-50% of the time. If you actually do have Lyme but test negative, and go more than 2-4 weeks without treatment with an antibiotic, Lyme goes systemic and for most people, never really goes away. It’s a horrible life/long affliction for many… If your doc says you don’t need to be tested or treated, go find one that will.
  3. The hooks have worked great for me on smallies, never felt I needed to change them out. The key for me on a jerk bait handle is 13-14 inches in length (if you use Tacklewarehouse measurements). When you get longer than that it becomes a pain IMO. Another $200 rod that looks intriguing is the Megabits Levante 6'11" Jerkbait rod. I haven't fished with it, but the handle is 13-3/4 inches and it fits your price range.
  4. I traded off a 6’10” Expride because the handle is too long. Bangs against your forearm/side all day. Went with a Dobyns 685cb and it Is awesome for smallie jerking. Favorite jerkbait is the Stunna. Go with the 705cb if you want something longer. Buy on sale close to $200.
  5. Consider Hover/Mid/Strolling down to (or just above) the desired depth.
  6. I agree, that’s the MO with St. Croix rods in general - heavy and tip heavy. I ordered 3 rods that I received and fondled before keeping one: •Dobyns 735cb •Alpha Angler Chatterbound •ALX Zolo Rumble The winner was the Chatterbound. I was almost 100% against any kind of glass/composite rod up until now. It’s a great rod for Chatterbaits as well as Spinnerbaits and DT10’s in a pinch. It’s not as thick and cumbersome as the others I tried.
  7. Winner Winner Walleye Dinner… 👍
  8. Agree with the response re: cover… wondering if you’ve fished for smallies head to head between the Jackhammer and Mini-Max? In the spring anyway I prefer the Mini, but catch the bigger ones in the Fall on the Jackhammer.
  9. On the exercise bike today and switched on YouTube. First 2 videos up were on bladed jigs… hadn’t seen any on this in awhile so I hit play. One video was Matt Allen, one was Mark Zona. They both said when bladed jigs first came out, they both struggled with them - until they figured out how to fish them properly. Matt Allen said you don’t just straight retrieve a Chatterbait - you learn to “work it.” Vary the retrieve, change direction, kill it… this gets the bites. Then Zona said - whatever you do - don’t “over work” the bait. It vibrates, let it do its thing on a straight retrieve. What say you??
  10. I’ve been headhunter for almost 40 years. I’m retained by companies to find their next President, CEO, board member. Stuff I’d never be qualified to do…
  11. Yep, but I’ll stick with my yak for now - creature comforts, electronics, etc all good 👍
  12. I have one Minnesota v4.0 1 maybe 2 Woods/Rainy v4.0 chips one MidSouth states v5.0 All for $45 each shipped to your door. Let me know if interested Thx
  13. I sold my Lund Pro-V Bass 1875 when I moved from Minnesota last Fall. I already had an Autopliot 120 here in Florida and kept that at least for the time being. One of the biggest upgrades I added to the kayak when I moved here is an interstate-grade trailer that I can wet-launch. That way it is easier/faster to launch or pull out and get to the next spot by land if necessary.
  14. I caught a 64 passenger school bus today in 28 fow, not even my 17 pound test Tatsu could hoist it up!
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