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  1. I don't use snaps on my spinnerbaits. I believe they negatively affect the action and natural appearance of the lure. I have had some issues with the line getting out of place on the lure, too. But never an issue with the line damage. The biggest con, for me, I've had in the past the Bass hitting the lure so hard the lure is mangled and damaged to a point of no more use. Those thin wires don't always hold up. Don't use it now as much as I did years ago. Still, it's a fine spinnerbait. Hank Parker preferred the Indiana blade in gold. Good Fishing
  2. 6th Sense Snatch 70X Lipless Crankbait $5.48 $8.99 You Save: $3.51 Tackle Warehouse
  3. I have never bought in to the idea the veterans can't adapt and learn the electronics. Great point. Good Fishing
  4. I can always find a deal on crank baits and jerk baits at Walmart, Bass Pro, Tackle Warehouse and Academy Sports + Outdoors. Good Fishing
  5. Kastking Perigee II 7' 3 pc. casting rod with 2 tips med and med heavy. Got it on an Amazon Lighting Deals sale for 36 dollars years ago. Not a true bass rod but works great for me. I've also used for light inshore saltwater fishing for Specs, Reds, Sheepshead and others. Great budget rod with 24 ton graphite. Good Fishing
  6. U.S.G.A. changes for golf balls regarding distance coming in 2028 for every golfer. Balls for distance developed for the Senior have been a great enhancement for the senior golfer.
  7. I like the icon Hank Parker but: He's Old School. Me too and I don't believe using FFS is true Bass fishing setting aside all emotions. But I do believe it's here to stay and if I were competing in a professional tournament, I'd use it. "When in Rome do as the Romans do". Good Fishing
  8. Hart and Lunker Lure Good Fishing
  9. Fishing Tackle Retailer >> MEGA Live Sonar Imaging Technology - Humminbird (johnsonoutdoors.com) Good Fishing
  10. Roland Martin's 8 reasons why the LMB strikes still holds true today: 1. Hunger 2. Reflex Action 3. Anger 4. Protective Instinct 5. Curiosity 6. Competition 7. Territorial Instinct 8. Killer Instinct Most of my bass have been caught early early in the morning. I believe FFS is here to stay. Good Fishing https://www.bassmaster.com/how-to/news/strike-zone-2/#:~:text="I believe hunger is the No. 1 motivation,in the early morning or late afternoon hours.
  11. Had it 2010 with my right side from my arm pit to my navel covered with a red burning shingles. Just shows up and burns like crazy. Sleepless nights. Have not had since then. VA gave me a vaccine a couple of weeks ago. Happy and no qualms to take it. Never had any side effects.
  12. Some of my reading: Advanced Bass Techniques, Mastering Largemouth Bass and Find Fish Anywhere, Anytime -- all books North American Fishing Club. And Largemouth Bass Patterns -- Babe Winkleman. BASS RESOURCE. Of course, a good mentor is a good thing but from there you need to get on the water and find your own fishing path. Good Fishing
  13. You can still buy Hank Parkers Classic spinnerbait at Mann's. Has super thin wire. Won a classic for Mr. Parker. I still got some and use them on occasion. Good Fishing
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