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  1. It’s calmed down now. The grumpy ol nieghbor finally started coming out again after 6 weeks. He doesn’t ever look my way or say anything. What’s weird is he’s told me he’s hard of hearing when I would speak with him across the 150 feet or so of lake between our houses. But he can hear a dog from the inside? The “bumpus dog” nieghbors have started being friendly again from across the canal… Meanwhile , elsewhere in the area… The last landowning family in the area has sold out. The 3 wooded areas are all being developed. Hundreds of apartments, condos, and cheap houses. I told my wife it’s just getting too crowded, and that I wish we could get away from it all. She said if I retire someday we could sell the house and get a trailer out in the country somewhere. Couldn’t take the lake with me though…😕.
  2. Without buying my favorite baits I could probably go a few years with what I have . That doesn’t include line, which I need now. I don’t even have enough left to line one reel now, except with line I don’t like. I have enough hooks to make it 2 years or so. Talking any bass hook, not my favorites ( wide gaps), which I’m almost out of… I’ve got enough combos to last the rest of my life…
  3. I forgot about them. I have had great success with them,just not lately. The stores I got them at quit having them, and I’m not much of an on line shopper so…
  4. That’s my number one also. #2 is zoom speed craws. I fish them with a #2 wide gap, and a bb shot just above the eye of the hook. I use it mostly for skipping close-up in laydowns, under docks, etc.
  5. We were at the north side of bear Island…
  6. Thanks for the reminder @Mobasser! I have never caught a bass over 5 pounds on one, but the average size fish tends to be generally bigger. I find that bass either are all over them or don’t bite them at all. I would say I’ve done fair with them overall. I have a point with eel grass that If swim a lizard by, I will usually get a fish or two on it. This is in low light conditions with June bug . If I throw one on a bed, it was usually get bit eventually, if not the first cast…
  7. Or bream? Once a friend and me caught a bream or had one bite every time we cast for a couple hours. It was a 4 by 4 spot between cattails. We caught every type of bream native to Florida in that spot. We even caught a few mullet there…We never counted them , but we had a 5 gallon bucket so full that the last few were falling off the top. This was at Crescent lake Fl.,where we had a church men’s retreat ( and fish fry ) !
  8. I caught 35 bass one day, and around half of them were caught in the same 150 foot area. It was a big eel grass patch on the windward side of the lake on a very windy day…and I caught every one of them on a UV speed worm…
  9. Had it happen twice with friends. Both times it was their trailers… It is an ordeal …
  10. That describes me to a T. I did get rid of cable TV recently and started streaming after my family gave me a flat screen for Christmas… Im going to have to figure out how to get SEC football on it before the fall though…
  11. I saw that back then , but don’t remember that part… Probably a good thing I don’t…
  12. I’ve never heard of it, but if it involves a bat , I’m not in . My dad and me grew tomatoes and got great results with all the fish guts we put around them…
  13. 5 days a week I usually have 1 cup of medium black. Every now and then I’ll have 2. On friday night/saturday morning when I’m on security patrol at church, I’ll drink 2, and a cup of hot chocolate in between. Sunday morning at church, 2-3 cups . Always medium black. If there’s no medium , I’ll take whatever I can get…
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