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  1. Looks like this YouTube thread is wrapping up just in time for next week's YouTube thread.
  2. RONNIE!! I thought you left us! Haven't heard from you in a long time. Glad to see your familiar face! Glad to hear you're doing well.
  3. Are boat launches good for bass fishing? Yes, and here’s why!
  4. Stay safe and indoors. It's going to be a wild one Friday.
  5. Karl's Tackle is offering an exclusive BassResource code! It's a new customer coupon (BR10) for BassResource members, $10 off their first order of $25+, new customers only. The URL is https://gokarls.com/bassresource
  6. Woa! https://www.suzukimarine.com/outboard/ss-series/df250atssw/
  7. Strong, durable, and most important, affordable! This is the good stuff. Take a look
  8. Pro Michael Neal spills the beans on fishing vibrating jigs for big bass! (I'm behind the camera for this one!)
  9. Correct. I don't like to use leaders, but this braid is awesome for the price. So I get the braid despite the bonus leader. Hard to pass it up.
  10. Good for you @Ski! That's exactly how it should be. You're on the right path. If/when your gleason score hits 3+4 (7), then it's go time. My advice to you is to seek out the absolute best cancer care center in your area, even if it's outside your healthcare network, or travel to get care if you need to. Who performs your treatment is critical to success, especially what happens AFTER treatment. I was fortunate in that one of the nation's top 5 urology oncologists and best cancer care centers is located right where I live.
  11. Enjoyed being at the Classic. Met a lot of forum members and BassResource fans. Y'all are terrific, down-to-earth folks!!
  12. Nope, not at all. If an account is deleted, so are all of the posts. That would ruin a ton of threads. We used to let people delete accounts, but after so many threads were destroyed as a result, we don't do that anymore. In addition, some folks deleted their accounts in a huff and regretted it later. So instead, we deactivate it if somebody really wants that. But honestly, just leave if you don't want to come back. Simple.
  13. Thanks guys, I appreciate the support!
  14. Hey guys, some of you have noticed I haven't made a video in a while. Here's why... Let me know if you have any questions below. I'll answer all of them.
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