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  1. That's insane! Sounds like fun, but like you said, going through a forest at night is unsafe. I've done it on a horse and hated every second of it. There's just too many predators that use the dark to attack their prey. I would advise against doing that again.
  2. It's still spring. In fact, I was just in SC this week (lake Hartwell) catching bass off beds. Air temps didn't get much over 72 this whole week. So if the bass are definitely in spawn/post-spawn mode in SC/Georgia, then they're still in prespawn/spawn in northern climates.
  3. Don’t stick to soft-plastic lures in spring. Hard baits also play an important role, creating efficiency that often leads to more and bigger bass. https://www.bassresource.com/fishing/spring-hard-baits.html
  4. New video that explains the best Texas rig setup from rod to hook!
  5. I had a front-row seat to a spectacular show last night! I haven't seen them that vivid - and directly overhead - since I was living in Alaska as a teen! Fantastic!! straight up!
  6. Hmmmm....have you considered braid? That's probably your best bet.
  7. We are thrilled to share the exciting news: Suzuki's Stealth Line has been named to Boating Industry's Top Products 2024! Ready to upgrade? https://bit.ly/3vYXeBK
  8. These three will work just about anywhere. What makes them so good is their versatility and how easy they are to fish. https://www.bassresource.com/fishing/easy-plastic-baits.html
  9. I just had to load up. https://bit.ly/47mhf4m
  10. The best just got better. Easy penetration and keeps them pinned. Best of all, Nano Alpha hooks are the same price as regular Gamakatsu hooks. It's a no-brainer - I'm loading up! https://bit.ly/4cltSAc
  11. Get the job done with these baits. New Video!
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