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    I am back fishing after about a 25 year hiatus.  

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  1. Anyone with FFS have anything definitive on bass reacting to fluorocarbon vs mono? Do they care?
  2. The implications of FFS to competitive bass fishing has been self evident to anyone who understood what it was when it was introduced. Early critics tried to raise the alarm but were discredited. It’s pretty much the story of John Henry. We are at the point in the story where he just died. The question of “what now?” is a tough one. Now that the genie is out of the bottle. Even if FFS were made illegal for competition, it’s not going to detour the use of it for prefishing or just seeing some non tournament angler using it and copying them. The rule set that would have to be established would be pretty involved and difficult to enforce. Also, the business end would be equally complicated. There are big dollars involved. With all that said, I would be an advocate for eliminating FFS and any additional electronic tech from this point on. Considering what Neuralink just did the other day, a hard line needs to be drawn in the sand. Continuing with Hank Parker’s comparison with the golf ball, if you are willing to rewrite/ignore the history of golf, you could adjust by building new golf courses. That option doesn’t exist in bass fishing unless you want try and genetically engineer new bass. At that point it is just all stupid.
  3. Personally, it is the right combination of 90% getting away to reset myself and 10% catching. Oh, and all the hot chicks of course.
  4. This year, I will be skipping the poop. As novice as I am with the skipping technique, I can consistently skip poop baits.
  5. Merry Christmas BR and have a happy and safe New Year!
  6. Now that I have settled on my braid preferences, I only loose a few feet a year tying leader knots not counting my frog and punching reels. It could easily be a decade before they get low enough to need changing, maybe longer.
  7. We need our Live Scope members to do some experimentation and data gathering on this and report back. This maybe one one of those age old arguments that can be settled or at least furthered through direct observation and testing.
  8. They have a deserved reputation of a good house brand. However, they don’t like Californians.
  9. When I was younger, I could do it while soaking bait, but I would be afraid to now. Treble hooks are too scary.
  10. I swear. Modern medicine is more wack-a-mole than science sometimes. Keep venting as much as you need to, but hang in there and don't lose hope. It will get better.
  11. "Did you take the medicine? No? Well it must not be that bad because that is what the medicine is for."
  12. 2 bottled waters, a soda, a Red Bull for the ride home just in case I might have gotten up too early, corn nuts, jerky, and a bag of some sort of chips is my standard kit for any trip. I try to eat before I leave the house or I will get a hot sandwich where ever I gas up. I drink when I am thirsty but I generally only eat when am regrouping mentally. Most of the time, I am only on the water 4-5 hours.
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