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Community Answers

  1. Not very long . I'd run out of terminal tackle quickly . Spinnerbaits , buzzbaits , crankbaits , top-waters ... I have a life time supply.
  2. Oh' I didnt read it right . You fish by the landslides,😆
  3. You know them better than me. When I see a bluff I turn my back to it and look at the other bank. There are no spots and very few smallies here so maybe thats the reason.
  4. Yes . I dont have much success fishing bluffs . Maybe I'm doing it wrong.
  5. Land with a small house that is liveable when the power goes out and a lot of ammo.
  6. One that comes to mind was in autumn and I found bass in the back of a creek stacked up in the remains of a silted in creek channel . I caught maybe 70 bass in that hole with a square bill crankbait . They were still biting when I left . No big ones but it was almost every cast.
  7. I fished tournaments for a couple of years in the 1980's .A cousin and I won 15,000 dollars in1986 and 1987. Every dollar came on a Texas rigged lizards. The BPS Squirmin Liz to be exact.
  8. I use to throw them a lot more than I do now . What will this year bring , who knows, lures get hot and cold for me . I just go with the flow.
  9. I use white and chartreuse in the spring . When the spinnerbait bite slows down I usually toss duller baitfish and bluegill patterns . I have no particular pattern , just something less bright.
  10. Id start out with crankbaits parallel to steep rocky banks, not bluffs. If that fails then just go fishing.
  11. Ive caught a lot of river smallmouths from a half submerged car.
  12. Xcite xb1 sqarebill . Its suppose to be a superior casting lure . Berkely half heads . Its suppose to be a good all around jig head for neds, tubes, swinbaits...
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