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Community Answers

  1. @Catt I have not. You have not put the bait monkey on me but I promise you have just put a massive bait monkey on @Pat Brown. He won’t be able to resist that thing
  2. Astutely* It’s okay. I’m here for you.
  3. A ribbit or toad or whatever gurgling bait you choose cannot pause in place, walk, or bounce up and down. What fun is that?
  4. @CattOh, yeah, the Stanley Ribbit. Umm, well, I wasn’t really talking about that. I was just channeling my inner frog.
  5. I have only a couple things to add to this thread Ribbit Ribbit
  6. A-Jay you both will keep doing whatever it takes. It’s nice to hear from you. Even in the midst of this, it’s easy to tell you are still counting your blessings. I wish better health to y’all!
  7. @ol'crickety PM me your address if you would like some spinnerbaits that should do very well for your Maine bass. I have much less use for them here in TX.
  8. Anything works but I really don’t like flukes or jerkbaits
  9. Put me next to the man I was 10 months ago and they are not the same person.
  10. Fishing with the BR crew definitely let me see some different baits than I’m used to. Pat throwing poop baits, creature baits on drop shots, tricked out buzzbaits, flukes, and more. ICatchDinks throwing mepps, that craw crankbait, other Northern creek finesse. FishTax throwing a mini swim jig. I like to think that my bait selection was very ‘Texan’.
  11. @IcatchDinks I think she’s hitting on you 😍
  12. Everyone seems to be finding it easiest to just share what they like to do in the hopes that it will help OP so I’ll follow suit. If I don’t know what the fish are doing, I like to create a plan with a bunch of backup plans. I don’t have a set time for when I start to rotate through my backup plans. If it feels wrong, I’ll start doing something different. If I feel I know what the fish are doing, I’ve certainly been known to live or die with a lure or two. I usually only do that when I’ve been on the water frequently and feel I have a pulse to what’s going on.
  13. I engage the spool once the bait hits bottom or when a fish bites, whichever comes first. You can still detect bites while it is falling. I do a lot of tip sweeping that @MN Fisher describes too.
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