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    I enjoy fishing out of my Hobie Outback on local, large lakes around here in TX. Fishing is a sport like no other and I work to understand my lake and the fish that live in it.

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  1. I don’t consider Coverts a budget spinnerbait but they are nonetheless some of my favorites. Slap a sampo swivel on one and they are machines.
  2. In the same boat. Might be trying em soon. If so I will let y’all know
  3. Anybody get around to trying it yet?
  4. I believe Dirty Jigs was recently acquired by Nichols Lures, which could be the reason for the discrepancy Dirty Jigs makes good jigs. Siebert’s makes good jigs. Oldham makes good jigs. E-factor makes good jigs. Lots of great options.
  5. If the environment/ecosystem/*insert some scientific word* is not right, larger bass will not be there. I like plastics and swim jigs in small ponds along with some other things. If the forage is larger, a larger bodied plastic creature or worm may help Ponds are not rocket science. Easy places to fish.
  6. Member @Catt often recommends relatively inexpensive spinnerbaits. Humdinger, Stanley, and Johnson Beetle Spins are all great options. I have expensive taste in spinnerbaits $10+
  7. Just ordered the same. I’d been eyeballing the Ichi and your comment convinced me to buy. I love that color too.
  8. I have some standby worms which include Zoom Ultravibe Speed Worm and gambler equivalent Zoom mag 2 Zoom trick Zoom magnum trick Zoom finesse Zoom magnum finesse Zoom Ol Monster Zoom magnum ol monster You get the idea I may try some Mister Twister offerings or may explore pitching 6” and 7” senkos with a bullet weight
  9. Well, in all seriousness, I appreciate the word of caution
  10. Feel that I’m showing my youth here… Isn't priority mail option through Tackle Warehouse USPS, not UPS? I submitted a USPS mail hold for a new place that Im moving into since I won’t be there for a bit… and I want to take advantage of the TW sales while they last. My idea is that if I ship through USPS, they will hold the package until the date that I set on the mail hold. Will this work?
  11. In another universe I’m pretty sure I’m married to that lady working the gas station register
  12. The National Sleep Foundation does not approve of my habits. I will try to make up for sleep that I miss, but it does not always happen. That being said I slept for 10.5 hours last night and almost feel like a million bucks
  13. From the day I started fishing at age 16 it became really clear to me that this was going to be my main hobby. When I get too much free time, I will nose dive very deep into this stuff and won’t care about too much else. It’s sort of dangerous. I’m at least encouraged that when I need to work, I can set fishing aside. I will likely never lose interest, though.
  14. Oldham Eye Max Jig is a good grass jig Oldham Trailer Hitch Jig is my favorite all purpose jig
  15. I’m afraid they may have thinned the weedguard on them recently, along with the Hack Attack Jigs. Not a fan of that. I was getting hung a little more than usual. It may be time for me to look for an alternative. In the past, they stood head and shoulders above all other micro jigs just because of that sweet hook and thick guard.
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