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  1. Chatterbaits. I snagged and lost every one of those jokers. All jackhammers too
  2. You had a great bag and a great big fish for sure! Would love to see a fish jump up 12ft to eat a senko, that’s awesome. The timing deal drives me nuts. Can fish all good spots, but if it’s at the wrong time for them all, you could walk away empty handed. And sometimes the windows are short.
  3. For a period of time, I would sit on a spot and rotate through several baits before moving. Didn’t take long and I abandoned that strategy. I will go to a spot and throw one or two maybe three at most baits at it, and then I’m moving. But if I really believe there are fish there, instead of sitting my arse there until they bite, I will instead come circle back after fishing other spots and fish it again later Dude, talk about keeping it simple 😂. That’s awesome. Mag II was 70% of my day, but you know I can’t resist throwing ol spinnerbait around a little
  4. Thank ya! I'm stumped how to duplicate that into more good fish though, without first spending a lot of time graphing. So likely my last day tomorrow will be spent doing a lot of just that. Graphing.
  5. Short for me is under 7'. I'm a young angler who has grown into the sport with 7' rods being called all-purpose. Nowadays it seems that the "standard" length is increasing even beyond 7'. So, I have two baitcasting rods under 7'. Spinnerbait and t-rig. The reason for the spinnerbait rod being short is simply for accuracy. The t-rig rod I like short because I want to help prevent myself from overworking the bait, and because the light, short rod is extremely comfortable to fish with all day long - much like I did today.
  6. Press F to pay respects for our fallen comrade
  7. Depth control Sometimes I reel with my rod tip almost in the water. Other times I'm up higher at about a 45. I'd say somewhere around a 20-30 is my standard angle.
  8. Might as well post up my trip during the hour paddle back to the ramp Hey, first, please excuse my sunscreen face and gas station sunglasses. But today was real interesting. I caught two more dinks in precisely the same location as yesterday. Had a lot of little fish try to eat my worm there, but only caught those two. I’d been fishing in the same fashion for the whole morning so I basically decided that I was playing a little fish game and should try something else. Heres where it gets interesting. Yesterday I graphed something real interesting. It was an isolated hard spot in 19ft of water with some intermittent hydrilla. I fished it twice yesterday and no luck. Then I graphed over it today, didn’t see much too too much except for one very large solid mark. After I was done fishing some new areas, I came back to that spot, but this time I did not graph it. I merely dropped anchor about 40ft away, and went to casting. Third cast got the 4.5. I wonder if the mark I saw on my graph was this fish. Bait wise, the zoom mag II is once again asserting that it is king of summertime. Plum color variations are good. I like this lake! But it fishes a little weird. I’m finding that I have to look for the oddball stuff.
  9. Only on weekends nowadays and sometimes only one of those days
  10. Wish I could say the same. It led Jan and Feb in MO, but I haven’t got much action on one since. Since I’m changing bass lakes, maybe luck will change
  11. Couple dinks on a new lake my first time fishing it. Think I figured out something. We’ll see what happens tomorrow
  12. This is a good answer. Lot of us in the comments saying we’ve seen bass hanging out real shallow when it’s hot, but those bass aren’t sitting there just because they feel like fasting for a few days. They are there to eat I think it’s worth considering though that on shad lakes, every morning and every evening, you’re going to have bait in the shallows during those darker periods. And critters and bluegill can be found shallow(er)
  13. Seen large bass in triple digit heat with water temperatures pushing 90 hanging out seemingly randomly along seawalls with no shade in about a foot of water This whole idea surrounding summertime that “Yeah, you gotta go out to the main lake and fish deep on points with a c-rig and deep diving crankbaits” as if it’s the only way to catch em is hurting people im not saying “shallow” is just throwing at the bank. Paralleling in that mid depth zone of like 6-10ft can be mighty effective depending on cover, structure, and where the baitfish are at
  14. If bass stop hitting spinnerbaits and start only hitting lures that look like poo, I’ll probably quit bass fishing
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