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  1. Hit a local spot super early for a change of pace. High winds and cold overnights have really chilled the shallows since last I was out, so it was no surprise that Pickeral were still on a rampage. Thought I hooked into a lunker bass when a big one nailed my fluke and fought like crazy. Its head was the size of my fist, and somehow its razor teeth didn't slice through my braid. Just after daybreak and just before I had to go, I landed a nice chunk, so I was able to go to work with a bounce in my step.
  2. DEC officers here are all active NY state troopers who transferred into the position. Troopers here are notoriously unmerciful if you get pulled over on the road. These DEC officers are all pretty cool and have been willing to share their personal cell #s in service of catching bad guys. Too bad they're spread so thin with saltwater being the priority around here. Drop a dime on some poachers and they might show up in an hour or two or not at all.
  3. Like I said, it's a small group making these noises across platforms which has nothing to do with the tens of millions of people with freshwater fishing licenses who simply buy what they buy for whatever reason. Brand familiarity, nostalgia, etc. Less than a microscopic proportion of those would even know when the launch date of the plastic Chronarch occurred. The rest of them could care less, so "long in the tooth" or "dated" is just a goofy metric. Perhaps not for the gear enthusiast, but remarkably few fishermen are gear enthusiasts, even if they buy a lot of gear.
  4. Are you basing this idea on fishing forums? If so, I wouldn't go by that. I've yet to come across a fisherman face to face in the wild who engages on forums. They tend go on FB pages if anything, and even that's rare. Other than a few handfuls of enthusiasts who cross post on several different boards like BR, TT, and others, there isn't really a consensus on anything. Say JDM to most people in the real world and their eyes glaze over. In one ear and out the other. Assume that if they're still making it, it sells, and that's all that really matters in the end. I have no particular love for my Chronarch because of its ergos, but it's a dang cool looking reel which is probably enough for most people inclined to buy one. I was disappointed when I first took mine apart. Coarse threads into plastic. Uhg. Same with the Curado K. I have Banax builds with machine-screw threaded inserts molded into the plastic.
  5. Freakin' TOAD 👊 That's the worst. 4 times for me. Once when I dumped my yak, and the other times bumbling the phone with wet hands. When I'm way out on the flats by myself I won't risk a picture for anything but a monster.
  6. Yup. No good reason to go with a plastic reel for swimbaits. The BB1 pro would also be a good choice.
  7. That's why it's wise to buy it on sale then break that 200yd spool into three 200' runs and use the correct amount of backing so the spool tops off correctly. I do it all the time with pricey fluoro. We've already entered the realm of wackiness planting a $369 reel on a $59 rod, so why not.
  8. That's about to happen here finally. 72 on Wednesday. Tonight, we had to cancel our Jon Boat trip. 32mph gusts and a flat-bottomed Jon boat is a no-go. The battery would be dead in an hour or so, and I wouldn't be able to fish at all trying to keep us from getting endlessly spun out. Forget getting blown a few hundred feet just changing baits. Nah.
  9. The 7'3" MH is the standout of the Aird X lineup. Put the Zillion on it with 15lb Tatsu and you'll be able to do so much with that rig due to the slightly moderate action of that rod. Super versatile setup.
  10. Got in some roadside pond action with my brother.
  11. Then I'll stick with my recommendation. An Alberto knot for the leader of your choice is easy and very fast to tie out in nature.
  12. CRYSTAL MINNOW|Crystal Minnow|YO-ZURI|PRODUCTS|YO-ZURI R1125 FLOATING 5-1/4" (130mm) 5/8 oz. (19g) 3.5ft. (100cm) Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Floating Minnow | Bass Pro Shops Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow Floating 130mm | Tackle Warehouse
  13. Describe where you're fishing. Is it choked out? Topped out with weeds? Clear to the bottom? Tell us. The easy answer is 30lb braid, then tie on your mono/copoly/fluoro leader depending on where you're fishing and what you're fishing for at the moment. Sometimes straight braid will be the answer.
  14. I can't tell you how many times where the clock ticked 1:00 am, our energy was flagging, but I would push us through until 2:00, and just like that the bite came alive. So many times, my wading buddy quits, and on the way out he always says, "send me pics". More often than not he'll get one or a few sent to his phone before he gets back to his driveway. The hot bite can turn on at night just like that and is often triggered by baits slapping down into the water. Find the right zone, which might only be 100 feet left or right, and that seems to call in groups who are competitive. Then it's one after the other.
  15. Then I'd recommend finding a spot without dinosaurs in it. For a number of reasons, night fishing provides a completely different rush. Between the darkness and relative silence, I'm just tuned in on a different frequency. Heart pounding and the shakes are ramped up during the hit, fight, and landing. It's electrifying really, and the closest feeling I've ever had to cracking my bike's throttle wide open at night on a deserted highway when I was young and insane. Alas, I'm much older now, and far less tempted to dare God with my life, but I can get that same buzz on the cheap by fishing in the dark.
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