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  1. This guy. Lived in the trenches no finesse in his game.
  2. I'll preface my thoughts by saying that imo the pre-abt snagproof phat frogs were the best frog I ever used. But when they were discontinued I went looking for a replacement. I've settled on the scumfrog trophy series which has served me well the last few years,.however I've not caught a 5+lb. Fish on one yet. And I will give the new abt phat frog a shot soon.
  3. Was gonna put myself at '0' but then I remembered my endura max 55 has some sort of digital thingy that saves power so I guess I'm a '1'. As for why I just don't care to have or see the need for tech where I fish.
  4. No bass, yes skunk. I'm not out there for pickeral and panfish.
  5. Got out today 7-12. Bit of a rough start as early on I was sitting with 3 fish boated and 5 hooked and lost. Managed to fight back a little and ended the day with 9 caught 7 lost. Fortunately none lost were bigs. Did land 2 good ones that weighed 4-7and 3-8 both on a buzzbait.
  6. Most bass I catch on jerkbaits the rod just loads up. When I get a big "thunk" strike it's almost always a perch or crappie
  7. Got out this morning around 7-11:30. Boated 13 bass,1 on a spinnerbait, 2 on a frog and 10 on a buzzbait with one decent one that went 3-8 on the buzzbait.
  8. Got out today about 7-12 caught 11 bass 1 on a frog the rest on a buzzbait with a couple of good ones weighing 3-6 and 3-8 both on the buzzbait.
  9. 10 fish for 60+ lbs. =2- 30+ bags to me. Congrats on. Great trip!!
  10. Fished a pretty long day today logging about 9.5 hours between two different bodies of water. Caught a total of 32 bass, 15 on a buzzbait, 10 on Texas rig yo mamma and 7 on a spinnerbait with the best of the day a 4-14 and 3-10 both on the buzzbait.
  11. For the colder mornings oatmeal; warmer weather frosted mini wheats. If I want or need to be out the door quick it's a couple poptarts for the drive and a couple more when I launch. I usually have some poptarts in my tackle bag but almost never eat while fishing.
  12. I've done it with bismuth based jigs I bought not realizing they had no guards. Lead is plenty soft so should be able to as well. Can't speak to tungsten,it's pretty hard but I'd imagine it's possible.
  13. Got about an hour of fishing in from the bank.before work today, caught 2 both on a buzzbait with this one weighing 3-12
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