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  1. I was a hockey nut and played growing up. Once out of college I played no-check recreational and pick-up. Ice times were late and some guys took it waaaay to serious. Separated my shoulder twice and missed time at work. Figured it was time to get out instead of playing up to the knuckleheads who thought every pick-up game was game 7 of the Stanley Cup being played in the '70's. I don't watch pro, but love watching college and Olympic hockey.
  2. Leaf peeper season is right around the Columbus Day weekend. I have a house in Kennebunkport and usually don’t venture far, but Maine is a beautiful state and most towns in and around the coast is a sure bet. Good luck Jig Man
  3. Oh man, I was thinking about how cooked I feel lately and the thought of taking time off and switching things up. You beat me to it @A-Jay. Enjoy the time and get after it when you’re ready. Good luck on the new gig. Tired today, but the show still goes on. Have a great weekend buddy.
  4. I appreciate that and it should go without saying that my fingers are still crossed for you guys.
  5. Another long busy week but the workout train rolled along. Thoracic spine is finally back to normal. Was getting frustrated there with tightness and lack of mobility. I’d say I’m glad that’s over but it’s always going to a work in progress. Been feeling really good mentally and physically, although my mother in law’s health has really deteriorated. Gonna be a bit of a roller coaster here for a couple of weeks. Will be hitting it later today to close out the week. Giving the body a much needed break. ItZit for now. Chat later
  6. I know what you mean A-Jay, although I know I'm being disingenuous in trying to compare knowing you're 7 years ahead, but there's just nothing like feeling...you know...right. Took a step back this week to work on a still stiff t-spine. Lowered the weight, introduced a rotation (transverse plane) movement, upped the reps to a more strength endurance type exercise. Feel waaaay better now. I plan on doing that for the next 2 days and will hit the heavier weight on Monday. ItZit for now. Chat later
  7. Can't wait for the All Star game in July...The American League All Stars vs. the Dodgers...Man, are the Dodgers stacked or what?!?!?!? Meanwhile, back at Fenway? A lot more of this coming this season:
  8. I have about 10 years left so I'm jealous Glad you went out with your head high and the way you want it, enjoy!
  9. Usually you need something to sell, buy or swap. J/K great advice above
  10. Oh man, looks like my legs would have been Jello at the end of that one...Great work mi amigo. Getting after it later on. T-Spine on my left side is still a little tight. Yesterday was an off day and spent some time trying loosen that up. I'm thinking some may be required here. ItZit for now. Chat later
  11. Man, what a way to find a love one...Prayers brother!
  12. I hear that. My body feels so much better after pulling exercises. After sitting in front of a computer all day, a good pull workout is the perfect RX for it.
  13. Been busy but the workouts are still happening. Missed 1 the other day. The day just flat out got away from me. Been feeling pretty good lately although I noticed some t-spine tightness today. Just one side. Had to spend time unlocking it. Not too bad, but it could present a problem in the future if I let go. Oh well, it all worked out well and the lb’s got moved. ItZit for now. Keep at it, man.
  14. It was great to see the Lions win. Great to see new blood competing for a championship run. Now to figure out which side of the fence @12poundbass is on: Bills? Lions? Hmmmm!
  15. Back at it today. Weekend was derailed with the record storm surge in Maine. Whole beach community was under water. Felt great start to finish today. Back to work tomorrow. Will probably do some maintenance to get ready for Wednesday’s bout with the iron. Looks like you’re settling right in to the new program @A-Jay!
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