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  1. For a few reasons, I think it's time I step away from this site. Auf wiedersehen.

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      Hope everything is okay with you.

  2. I do agree. Just do what’s right.
  3. No, not really, that works both ways. I’ve applied for jobs, had interviews and followed up only to be ghosted. I’ve had people tell me that based on my resume I wasn’t loyal. They fail to read the reason in parentheses that the company went under. And the whole bull **** about loyalty. Another story for another day. There’s no loyalty either way. It’s written in your offer and company hand book that you’re an employee at will. The etiquette climate has definitely changed.
  4. Man, does that sound like a fun trip. I can’t help ya but, should things go south between you and your gf, I don’t mind rolling the dice with fake identification. J/K Have a great trip
  5. Glad to see you’re thick skinned about this. One of the things I’ve been asked to do more of at my job, is to teach the younger generation who are very intelligent and hard working. I work for a global company and work with folks from all corners of the world. Great bunch of people old and young. EDIT: Looks like this thread was modified as is my post.
  6. My wife thinks I'm a pack rat until the day we need it, but I'm the same way. I'd rather repurpose than go out and buy new if I can. Can't wait to get back to Maine in a few weeks. Hope to bump into you one day.
  7. Love how you repurposed something that could went in a landfill. Well done @DanielG!
  8. Well, it was closer than I thought. Had one last night.
  9. I was doing the same thing. One day I ran out of gel and started using Sally nail polish under and over the eye. Never noticed a difference. Hard as nails.
  10. Boston looking Northeast
  11. Believe it or not, I’ve had a ton of different fish species, all saltwater. I’ll have to take your word for it. Enjoy the fish fry.
  12. Recently ordered some saltwater lures from FishWow.com. 15% off, ships next day and no S&H on orders over $50. Yesterday I placed another order.
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