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  1. The most important thing is they keep the sun off you. Two of my friends have had cancer taken off their arms and faces because they didn’t cover up/worry about the sun. There’s no need to buy the expensive ones that have logos on them. Amazon has them for under $20. Some also have built in masks and holes in the sleeves for your thumbs, to keep the sleeves down on your arms. I order mine one size larger than normal so I’ll more room when casting. Get in the habit of wearing one
  2. If it’s discontinued, loom is will give you the same rod in the next level up. I broke a discontinued IMX and they sent a GLX
  3. The size of the circle hook depends on the size of the treble it replaces. There are conversion charts online
  4. Fishing strictly with one bait and/Or method is going to get you frustrated as there will be lots of times you won’t get bit. That said,if I could only have one bait in the boat, it would be a hand poured senko. . There would be no limit to color and I could fish it from the top to the bottom of the water column. YMMV
  5. If you want fun on light tackle, take a trip to Shasta. You won’t get many smallies but you’ll catch all the 1 1/2-2# spots you want. They fight bigger than they are. The lake is full and the fish are shallow. Bring lots of plastics.
  6. I’m using a GLoomis GLX 802C JWR medium extra fast for top water, including small poppers
  7. This is what I use. It changes color about every 2 feet so there is always a color that I can see.
  8. I would use a circle hook, To lessen the chance of the fish being gut hooked. I would use 2/0
  9. Are you talking about the bench seats. Call Ranger and give the m the RN number on the plate on the transom. They’ll have the info you need
  10. If you aren’t already aware of the coversjon sizes, this will help you https://www.saltstrong.com/articles/matching-the-right-size-single-inline-hooks-when-replacing-trebles/
  11. I replace the treble hooks on my lures with inline hooks. Replacing the treble hooks with inline hooks will help eliminate a lot of your problems. A single hook is also harder for a fish to throw than a treble. Handling the fish will be safer also.
  12. You don’t need a wire keeper to keep the trailer on. Slip the skirt on the collar, if you’re using a swim bait as a trailer, nose hook it. Same with a crawdad bait, but once thru the tail.
  13. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. What I’m saying is times have changed. FFS has changed the game, there’s less of a need for the homework that was needed in the past. Guys with little experience are winning events now.
  14. How do you pick a winner? With FFS, any knowledge of a lake is tossed out the window. A beginner has the same chance as a 15 year vet. Take a look at some of the recent winners. Guys you never heard of before. Tournaments have come Down to who happens to run into quality fish. Just keep your eyes on the screen and hope you see some bigger fish. Strategy? Keep moving and staring at the screen. Gone are the days when you study topo maps when fishing a new lake. It’s not fishing anymore
  15. Nice. It’s helpful that you have running water to make clean up easier.
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