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Community Answers

  1. I thought you had a shotgun for sale..
  2. I fish a Zoom Speedworm year round mostly the smaller one. After the spawn I like the magnum better. Can’t go wrong with either.
  3. Big Game on all my baitcasters. i prefer Suffix or Sunline mono on spinning reels.
  4. About 10 years ago we had a tournament and about halfway to the lake I realized I was driving to the wrong lake. I pulled over and turned around in a pasture and drove to the right lake.I did make it in time for the launch.Good thing I’m always early.
  5. It comes down to personal preference and style of fishing. As for me and my family we can’t get by fishing and camping the lakes we fish without V-8 truck engines 4wd vehicles.I need at least an 18 foot bassboat with a 150 hp outboard minimum to keep me content.If you plan on covering a lot of ground territory and water I would say an upgrade is a must.
  6. I use basic Lowrance depth finders, one on the bow and one on console.i use them for depth and temperature and study contour.I’ve got nothing against the high tech stuff it’s just not in my wheelhouse. I was pulling for our local brethren to win this thing but some got close but no cigar.I tip my hat to the Canadian pros, don’t know much about them but they sure can catch bass. I’ve still got an old Ted Williams Sears flasher
  7. Well don’t tell anyone about the largemouth up in the river please lol
  8. Wow,I’d think the spots would be out deeper on brushpiles. Was he up in the river fishing for largemouth?
  9. Congratulations to Chris Johnston. He said before tournament it was his favorite lake in the South and he knows his stuff.lots of nice bags,Lanier showed out.
  10. I’m trying to get the day 2 weigh in on my phone but it keeps showing day 1.
  11. Maybe Randy didn’t have 5 grand in his mason jar to pony up
  12. White caps today, going to get rough out there on Oceanier
  13. @Tennessee Boy if that’s the case then the local pros in this tournament should have an advantage knowing where the good ones are.Local knowledge is not always always advantageous as we’ve seen before so it’ll be interesting to see how this shakes out.Spotted bass could dominate but some guys will run up the river for big girl largemouth.i fish out of Laurel Park a lot so I expect this to be a good tournament
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