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  1. I think that makes a lot of sense. Then at least there is a standard across the board. When I can afford FFS in a couple of years, I’ll let you know if I change my mind. 🙂
  2. Do you think they should eliminate that rule altogether for sight fishermen during the spawn then? I’ve never caught a fish using FFS so I’m not really sure where I stand. I just saw it on live and thought something didn’t feel right. It was pretty neat to see the fish follow the jerkbait and pin it to the bottom. It was just weird watching someone target a fish on FFS, catch it, and then it come up snagged.
  3. JT Kenney just caught a descent fish using FFS with a jerkbait. The fish had one hook in it that I could see— right in the belly. Do you all think the same rules for sight fishing should apply to FFS catches? I can’t be the only one who has thought about this before. thanks, Steve
  4. I can’t even imagine those things deploying accidentally on the road. I know when I turn the ignition on it beeps prior to cranking, but maybe the engine won’t start if the switch is off. With my luck I’ll try it out and smash into a dock.
  5. I have a switch for both my 2 deep cycles and 1 on the starter. I’m am not 100% sure but I think my motor and my auto bilge are bypassed for that reason. I’m fairly confident of that with the autobilge but I am pretty sure I could crank the motor with boat switches turned off.
  6. Could I run a 31 group AGM cranking battery or a deep cycle battery in parallel to the existing starting battery? I guess it would no longer be considered a house battery, but wouldn’t I be able to charge using my existing 3 bank charger, but at a slower rate? If this is a possibility, is there a downside other than the obvious extra space another non-lithium battery would take up? Might it put too much strain on the charger? thanks! steve
  7. I didn’t even think about the fire issue. That’s all I needed to hear— a switch is getting installed.
  8. Did you install a shut off switch for the house battery or is it not needed?
  9. So basically I have 60 amp hours available without degrading my AGM, right? My helix’s and other electronics take 6 amps/hr so I can go for about 10 hours assuming I never turn the big motor on. Another helix would definitely be out of the question, correct? The only thing stopping me from doing it right now is that I’m tired from troubleshooting fixing my truck and boat lol. I would have to figure out how to rewire everything, add a cut off switch, add a 4 bank charger, etc. I do not have much electrical knowledge unfortunately and still trying to figure out which wires power what device in the boat. Thanks again! Steve
  10. Currently I have two 10” helix units, the auto bilge, and livewell pumps running off my group 31 AGM, 100 amp hr cranking battery. in the next 1-3 years I plan to add power poles, a helix 12, and likely mega live with target lock. At what point do I need to start thinking about having a dedicated battery for all these electronics? I’m not sure how many amp hours the auto bilge and livewell pumps take up, but I think each fish finder alone takes up close to 3 amp hours. Thanks in advance! Steve
  11. I would try a ned rig, grind a Shad rap 05 in rocks, mini chatterbait or grind a finesse spinnerbait. My claim to fame is not cold muddy water, but it’s certainly possible to catch them.
  12. Had my boat in for service today. I was able to fish for a couple of hours when it was finished up. I got on some ice cold giants.
  13. Maybe this was my mistake all along. I never had an issue with my double uni on spinning tackle, but when using heavier flouro like (16- 20 pound) I was having a ton of breakoffs on casting gear. My thought was that each time I cast, the guides were weakening the knot. I made the switch to the Alberto 2 years ago and never looked back. The braid covers the flouro leader and the knot is longer but much narrower. I have not had a breakoff while setting the hook since, so hopefully the curse has been broken. Worst part of the knot is tying it, but I have heard the FG knot is a royal pain.
  14. Has there been any coverage on Zaldain? I haven’t seen him once. He’s always a blast to see.
  15. The fans are certainly considered external customers in some form, right? I think just like any sport, you don’t want to give away your winning strategy until after you’ve won. I definitely don’t think they owe us anything but B.A.S.S. is definitely interested in what fans/viewers want to see.
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