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    Castaic Lake and Castaic Lagoon Los Angeles, Lake Casitas, Kern River, Big Bear Lake, Lake Isabella.
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    Sturgeon Fishing, Trout fishing, Cat Fishing, Crappie Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing, Landbase Shark Fishing(couple times a year if I have chance).

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    I love fishing, Specially for LMB, Do fish at least couple days a week and I love it.

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  1. Happy Father's Day to you all, This is mine and I love it, she knows what I like really 🤩
  2. ram 1500 ecodiesel 2019, very cheap. you will thank me later. if you have more question, let me know and ill tell you everthing over the phone.
  3. Got the shock and aw 20/20 assault stick musky rod for oversized lures. I like it because it can be 7'5" for storage and it can extend to 9' for fishing and it is rated for lures up to 24oz, So I can send my biggest lure with it. Paired that with new Shimano TranX 400 that I recently purchased with power handle. this rod is really high end rod with high quality cork and component. I am impressed.
  4. Got Cover for the big boy, It can be fit in garage but we can't pass by it if he is in LOL, so he will be outside.
  5. always using it and it is awsome. But only on non Shimano reels and for Shimano reels always buying from eBay.
  6. Stand on motor bike while riding we called that CROSS. when I was 20, It was 1AM in highway between cities, A truck came to highway from dirt road, Hit it and fly good and slide on highway for good. I still remember my bike made spark and slide following me on asphalt and the truck that stoped and then left me on the road. To this day I have the signs on my body and skin. I was lucky that truck and other cars that later passed by didnt go over me and I was lucky I didnt die. I'll try to ask my mom to find some pictures and if I cam find I'll share. I was like terminator, Right half of my body had no skin and you could only see meat and blood. I almost loose the right eye as well because there was no eyelid left. Basically the asphalt act as grinder. I have few places broken, Head to toe but the eye and skin was the worst. picture is what we did back then and there was no gear like now and we never use helmet of course stupid 20 years old 🤣
  7. Job failed today, Piper was nose heavy and I brought it back to put it on longer trailer and move it another day.
  8. I didn't use them yet but soon going to use them on fat impact, I was surprised by the size of head so that moment I decide fat impact will be good fit, Thanks for the advice and sure I would try the other bait you recommend as well.
  9. Got new TranX 401, Put the power handle on. Going to get a 9' kaos tackle assault stick telescopic to pair with. anyone have that rod? It is famous musky rod and I want to have it because it will be 7'5" and can put it in RV with other rods and I am going to use it for mega size glides, Any taught?
  10. I have both of them, but I need 24 hours to get back home and check it for you.
  11. Action is fast, I didn't use anything with treble hook yet. since I am at the bank, the only treble hook I am using is lipless and I have Dobyns 610 dock skipping that I use for that.
  12. Congrats man. wish you the best.
  13. As bank fisherman I found out the bass in cold water can get back to normal sooner than hot days, I usually never had a bass more than a minute and that if the catch is special for example bigger than 4lb or the bait I catch the bass is special, Otherwise released them in water or few second unhook and released.
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