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Community Answers

  1. There is so many options, But if you asking for one rod to do everything I highly recommend Lelands TCB made by B&M. As you can see I have three of them and I am very happy with them.
  2. it is definitely heavier than same carbon rod, But this specific rod is not heavy like curado glass rods and for sure so much lighter than Abu veritas glass rods. So I recommend it to you. If y7ou want I can weigh it for you when there is no rain outside, it is pouring here and I dont want to go out to get it from my truck.
  3. yes Santa Ana River Lakes I am there overnighting for one or two nights every week. Start Friday 6PM and back home Sunday 11PM.
  4. I always go to lakes I know, But if I have friend that making plan for new lake, I always grab the opportunity and join.
  5. Castaic lake(Public) and Santa Ana Lake(Privet). Just let me know if you around and ill make plan.
  6. I am doing it at least once a week and it is awesome and productive, Catching multi species every night. Catfish/bass/shad/carp/trout. Let me know if you are near LA and ill be glad to bring you with me.
  7. I have the MH for small/mid size crank baits, You cant get better rod with this price, I paired it with SLX DC as well for wind conditions and it is working very well and also it is matchy matchy, Haha... Good luck.
  8. zman robo worms and color is important, take few colors with you some lake/day they bite different color.
  9. Deiiiim.... That a good haul bro.
  10. Do the Berkley 8’ Big Game Spinning Rod, Two Piece XXH $35 , It will do it, I am casting 2lb weight with it. If you want I can go to my truck and take picture for you. I have Dobyns Mag Swimbait rods but they are expensive for your job.
  11. Just get UglyStik GX2 for $39 and you can use the rod for fishing when needed as well.
  12. Since they floats very well and flat bottom it is making good drop shot lure, Specially smallmouth guys swear on them in some particular colors. I personally didnt have any luck with them but still have couple packages in my bag.
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