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  1. I have Conquest 844 but I am only using it for weighted T-rig and jigs. for spinnerbait and chatter bait, I use 903 conquest MBR. so if I want to throw keitech ill use 903.
  2. Update: Got the final design finally, 1500000 gallon 3 to 1 sope deepest point 10' with 15 degree boat ramp and getting some job done to submit to county for permit.
  3. I use 200 and 2500 size for every kind of fishing, So you can go 8lb PE with 4lb Fluoro, How is the water? what lure/techniques you going to use it for? for me ill go 8lb to 15lb braid at the max and I have 2lb to 8lb flour for leader depending on the fish and and lure and technique. so you can do 10lbPE with 5lb/6lb Fluoro for all around combo with a medium power fast action rod.
  4. I have 13 Fishing rod(older version), I have it since 2015 and last night I catch good one in 4lb area and it breaks my guide, The guide itself is a micro guide and it is ok, But the connection to rod is detached. How can I fix it? Remember the rod is $99 brand new under the name of radioactive rods, so I am looking for a cheap fix 🤣
  5. Thats one of my secrets with fat 3.3" or 3.8" keitech when I want to catch uncatchable bass. Great catch
  6. Bought a brand new Berkley for $19 for my work station for spooling my reels, Then browsing eBay I found a vintage casting reel from Berkley that can matchy matchy with the rod, So I went for it(actually my girlfriend bought it for me🙃). It became nice combo for work station spooling.
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