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    South central pa
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    Between 5-6 lbs
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    Stonewall Jackson - musky
    Susky - smallies
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    I love training and working with my rescued dog. Between my wife, dog, work and fishing I do not have much free time or money for other passions.

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    Certified river rat

    Fishing level - novice

    Smallie chaser

    Musky hunter

    Welder by trade

    Jet boats are life

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  1. I set the hook on everything that feels different. I use a hard hook set on everything right or wrong. Sometimes it’s a pile of leafs sometimes it’s a bass. That’s the beauty of fishing in my opinion you never know what that hookset could bring. A smile, a cuss word or ten, disappointment or a surprise.
  2. I set the hook like they owe me money. When I lose a fish I check the hook. Terrible approach.
  3. Getting ready for his only paws account
  4. I am very sorry for this. I hope turns out alright for your family. My dad is going in Monday to get his kidney removed. 65 years old found a mass. Rides 20-30 miles on a bicycle every day for as long as I can remember. He’s been retired 3 years now. That is one of the reasons I get what I want. I think the other generations felt very promised to retire and worked towards that. Most people I talk to in their 30s know they won’t retire. Myself included. My wife and I have good jobs. We both put into 401ks that’s not enough anymore. I won’t sacrifice living today for a future I might never have.
  5. I think all this just comes down to we are moving where most of the environmental impact happens. The end result sure sounds great on paper but, the way to get there might not be any better. We are always going to be doing something to hurt the environment period. Right now all the care is zero emissions. Doesn’t matter what we ruin or how dangerous some of it is to get to that point.
  6. I’m about 2 hours and 15 minutes from it. Right down 81. I had to quit due to an injury about 7 years ago.
  7. I use the Palomar knot to the lure and the double uni for leader connections.
  8. Welcome aboard! I love West Virginia. Beautiful state. I love fishing stonewall Jackson for musky and when I raced motocross I was down there often at tomahawk. One of these days I’m going to get down there in the Potomac in my boat.
  9. I love full penetration. Especially on a 3 pass weld. This was a destructively tested macro etched weld.
  10. @FryDog62 that price was including the trailer. It was roughly like $2500 she said.
  11. @gimruis jealously. Excuses. The list goes on. I understand the whole YouTube thing. Sadly that’s the way you have to make a living for the most part as a pro angler.
  12. @Koz it’s quite alright. I know there are people who think she gets stuff handed to her. I am not one of those people. I also think it’s neat she has fished some of the areas I have.
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