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  1. ATA's post in Met 150 vs Curado 150 was marked as the answer   
    I have both of them and yes definitely metanium is worth the money.
  2. ATA's post in Looking for an inexpensive spinning rod for tossing a 2lb wireless sonar sensor from bank was marked as the answer   
    Do the Berkley 8’ Big Game Spinning Rod, Two Piece XXH $35  , It will do it, I am casting 2lb weight with it. If you want I can go to my truck and take picture for you.
    I have Dobyns Mag Swimbait rods but they are expensive for your job.
  3. ATA's post in Stocked trout jigs was marked as the answer   
    You need to bring few with you and try, color of jig itself at most six colors, Pink, black, white, silver, gold and chartruse.
    for the minnow also the same or combination of any two of them.
    here some I have here in tackle box beside me. Remember color is important but most important is presentation, For that use 1/32oz jig and 2lb test line for best presentation.

    This is my catch last night

    all by jigging and drop shot.
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