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Community Answers

  1. Her motto, “fake it ‘till you make it”.
  2. I’d buy a few hundred acres, dig/build my own bass pond, build a house, build a giant pole barn, and work the land to grow big bucks.
  3. Quite a few of the more shallow lakes are open or mostly open. The deeper lakes are still iced in. I’m starting to get the itch. This weekend I’m going to go through the tackle, spool up a new Daiwa that’s been in the box since I bought it, and take the wrapping off a Dobyns rod I haven’t touched since it arrived. I slacked off last year I know. This is a new year and I'm changing some priorities starting this weekend and it feels good!
  4. By Milwaukee you mean Miller Lite and and the High Life chit, right? Irish-Scots, you have a red beard? If not, you’re just pretending.
  5. I’m left handed so everything has been backwards my entire life!
  6. Exactly. The GT56 has a little better imaging than the 54 and I believe it can go deeper as well. I have a 54 on both my Echomaps. Not a big enough difference for me to even consider changing to 56’s.
  7. It’s late winter here on Bass resource and all us old men have left to talk about is our cats! I never thought I’d turn into my dad, but here I am.
  8. I’ve tried it maybe three times my entire life. I drank Mt. Dew in the morning and throughout the day until age 19-20. Then it was iced tea. Now I drink water all day and a cup of iced tea every night. By now I’m sure everyone knows what I drink on Friday night. 😎
  9. I’ve seen a few around here. I think they’re ugly as sin. See quite a few Lightning’s too.
  10. Can’t answer your question per sey, but if you’re willing to go to a 12” then do it. If you were to go with the 9” and aren’t happy you’re SOL. I’ve never heard anyone say I wish I had bought a smaller screen.
  11. Roadkill in the living room 😂
  12. Naturally happens here on Lake Michigan 😁
  13. Have you had a day yet without some type of precipitation? I know California needs the moisture, but man it seems like it’s everyday.
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