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    Nebraska born and raised.  Spent 15 years in Missouri after college, started family, got a fishing boat in 2000. Moved back to Nebraska and spent most of my time raising daughters. Now that they are out of college I am getting back in to fishing.  Upgraded to a Lund Adventure 1775 in Summer of 2023.

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  1. For what it's worth...I use this knot for everything...braid, fluoro, and even mono on the rare occasion.
  2. I've been out a handful of times here in Nebraska...water temps finally in to the 50's. Concentrating on jerk-baits, spinner-baits, chatter-bait, jig-n-craw. Busted out the old beetle spin and put three fish in the boat yesterday.
  3. That's a great story @A-Jay!! And the video was wonderful!
  4. Early 1990's, I did not have a boat, or even a canoe. Buddy worked at Cabela's and hooked me up with a gently used belly boat. I would pull on the neoprene waders, strap on kick-fins, and wade down the ramp in to the lake. Thankfully there was a nice wood filled cove right near the ramp. This was in Northeast Missouri, the lake was used for city-water, so trolling motor only. Oh, did I mention they stocked with Musky(?) I had recently switched over my bait-casting rods to Fenwick IronThread braid. Loved the sensitivity, and could manage a good length case without bird-nesting. I was pitching a jig-n-craw next to trees in about 20' of water. Using my feet / kick-fins to position my little belly boat. Pitched next to a nice big tree...and watched the line...the jig stopped...then started moving to the right..."hello Mr. Bass!" and I set the hook! Knew right away the bass had escaped, as it felt like I set the hook in to a stump. Bummer. Then the stump moved(??!!) I kept the line tight and the fight was on! Pretty surprised to see a nice Musky surface next to my belly boat...he pulled me around in circles for a while before I kicked to the shore. I was able to unhook and release the toothy predator unharmed. And thanked him for the dance.
  5. Dealership supplied the wedge. To my knowledge, Lund & Mercury documentation do not specifically tell you one way or the other. I've always been a fan of the transom saver. It's easy on-and-off. My dealer said be careful with the Wedge...a few of their customers forgot it was installed...and cranked down on power trim, caused damage : (
  6. With the old boat and the 20hp Mercury 2-stroke, left the motor down. No issues with clearance, and it seemed to stress the transom less. New boat came from dealer equipped with the wedge. I swapped it out for a Transom Saver.
  7. @TnRiver46 & @BigSkyBasser, Yep, that's bigger bass than I'm catching in Nebraska by FAR!
  8. I like the 1000 size reels on pretty much all of my spinning rods. I do have a few 2000/2500 size reels.
  9. Picked up a few of these Shimano Curado's in the 1990's, along with Citca's. I like them so much, now when it's time to get a new baitcaster...I run towards eBay... I have four Curado's and four Citca's.
  10. Early 1990's, worked at a small directional University in Missouri. Some faculty told us of the "University Pond" south of town, right off the highway. You could not see the pond from the road...had to hop a barbed wire fence...then walk about 50 yards through some trees. The pond was just a bit larger than a football field...lots of trees had grown on the dam, there were very few places to fish from shore. Rumors swirled about some big bass in that lake, and the people we knew would frequently catch LMB's in other lakes, and transplant them in to this pond. Seemed legit. One afternoon we schlepped our canoe to the pond and fished...always caught a few nice bass here and there. Discovered the pond was max of 12 feet deep. Few weeks later I had some free time and went fishing. I was tossing my favorite lure at the time, a rainbow trout colored Slug-Go on a medium spinning rod, spooled with 8lb Trilene XL. Fishing one of the few open spots on the dam, I was tossing that Slug-Go as far as I could...twitching it back my way. BAM!!, huge strike and I set the hook. Could not believe my eyes when the bass surfaced close to shore. Thankfully I had an fish scale in my bag...this bass weight in just over 8 pounds! Still my personal best large-mouth bass.
  11. Most of my rods are Cabela's brand purchased in the 1990's. Never once did I ever put anything on them besides my sweaty palms. No issues so far.
  12. Had a ProMariner on my old boat for three years...and went with ProMariner on the new boat. They stay plugged in 24/7/365. No issues so far.
  13. Spinnerbait - inexpensive SB's from Walmart. Jerkbait - Megabass 110 in bluegill Lipless - Bill Lewis Rattle Trap Bladed jig - N/A Jig - I have really grown to like Dirty Jigs Square bill - 6th Sense 50x Crankbait - Rapala Shad Rap (although I don't use them much) Soft body swimbaits (not trailers) - Slug-Go....not really a swim bait, but I really like these Hard body swimbait - N/A
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