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    Cecilia, Kentucky
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    Anywhere I can wet a line.
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    Carpentry. Firearms, reloading, bullet casting. Chess. Scrabble.

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    I'm blessed to be married to a woman that supports my passions. I have a boy that has the itch to fish as bad as I do, and we fish as often as we can. I grew up fishing and have always had a passion for the outdoors. Now I'm learning new techniques so I can be successful in all conditions and seasons.

    I have a passion for firearms, particularly lever actions and sixguns. I've found casting my own bullets and reloading are as much of a passion as the firearms themselves.

    I enjoy a good game of chess with friends, as well as a good game of Scrabble.

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  1. Pretty little sunfish. Feisty Little guy could use a good meal. Most important meal of the day. Me and the boy will fish lures a while, then fish worms, then back to lures. Funny, he has better luck with a texas rig than actual worms - they pick him clean.
  2. I've been fishing the new spot here and there. Trying new things, or things I haven't tried in a long time. Some working and some not. One day I tried a bunch of stuff and nothing worked, then switched back to a squarebill and got a few without issue. Kinda makes me wonder if squarebills are the stuff like everyone says they are. Today, I got one on a lizard pulled across the surface. That was a first for that technique for me. I just started doing that. I also fish live worms there some, see what's going on. There are bluegill along with those sunfish. Not caught any cats, but I seen a huge carp trolling the surface. I was able to connect with the H&H spinner that I've never had luck with before.
  3. Bazoo

    H2O baits

    I have been using their squarebills a while and they hold up well. I like the standard size as well as their 1/4oz (what they call ultralight). I have one that I’ve caught over 30 fish on, including a 3 1/4lb bass. the paints held up good and the factory hooks are still sharp.
  4. Got these the other day at a city pond I frequent. I don't fish there a huge amount. Today, I had a small one, then this 3 lb 4 oz monster. It hit that H2OX crank, and man, it was on. Started stripping line off of Abu Black Max. Praise God! Finished the trip with a nice fighter. Always glad to welcome another to the party! Needless to say, I'll be frequenting there more often!
  5. Thanks. My boy does love to go. He usually goes 2-3 times a week.
  6. The boy can t-rig like a pro.
  7. Thanks @Bulldog1935 . That is a classy looking rod for sure.
  8. No, I use a baitcaster on it. I like the way it feels, it is fiberglass, has a very soft tip, 5'6" length, and is excellent to cast in tight spots. I want a better quality rod that has the same features as this one.
  9. Here are some pics. Crazy sunfish. Anyone know if they are hybrid bluegill or what? I think this is the best one I've caught.
  10. Thanks all. The rod in question was made this century but it is a very cheap one. It has what appears to be ceramic inserts. I haven't a clue what the specs are on it. It was given to me by an old man at church and I'd guess it to be from the late 80s judging by the Zebco 33 that was on it. It casts good in tight spaces however.
  11. The title says it. What types of inserts, if any, will not stand up to braided line? I have an older Zebco casting rod, with a baitcasting reel on it, that I like for some situations. I'd love to run braid on it but I suspect that the guide inserts wouldn't hold up. I like the rod because it's fiberglass, the tip is very soft, and I can cast light lures in tight spots.
  12. Absolutely @Fishlegs. Thank you for the suggestions. I am grateful, and I think they can tell. I also am very polite most of the time. When we had our first conversation the only thing asked of me was to not to leave any trash/make a mess. Their property is nicely kept, so I assume that not making a mess would include stuff like, not leaving logs/sticks/rocks in the are that gets mowed. Along with not leaving trash, I volunteered that I would: • pick up any trash I find (I've removed minor trash all 3 times) • not bring anyone other than my family without permission • not be there half the night (I did say that if I happened to be there in the evening the latest I might fish would be 30 minutes past dark) • that I was primarily catch and release He said all that was fine. I also asked if there were any specific things he'd like for me to do or not do, which there wasn't any at that time. Funny you mention bringing a token of appreciation, I did just that the last time I was there, when I met the Mrs. I took a wooden bowl I'd made that I thought might match their decor, judging by the outside of their home and general style. She seemed to like it pretty well.
  13. Thanks for all the advice. Next time I go near good internet I'll upload some pictures. (I use my phone's hotspot most of the time.) Not wearing out my welcome is something that I am concerned about. I also think that they are genuinely nice folks and won't mind. The fact that I sometimes take my young'un doesn't hurt. Yesterday I got explicit permission to walk all the way around it. I asked to make sure they owned the whole thing, which they do.
  14. I appreciate all the advice. Some of which I'd already thought of some I had not. I got more intel today. I talked to the owners wife, she informed me of some of the other people that fish, mostly their immediate kids/grandkids. It doesn't sound like much. I also walked around it some. There is some canoes next to a small dock, that look like they haven't seen the water in a couple of years. I saw someone else fishing the dam area, and mosied on over. He's the neighbor. He said his family (mostly kids) fish it. He fishes it all the time he said. He was fishing with worms on the bottom for "whatever i can get". He said he'd caught some, what he described as 4-5 pound bass out of there... which were good eating, he also relayed. He doesn't do much with artificial lures he said. He also said there was some springs in it and pointed to the spot. Said it doesn't get low when other places do in summer. That was well worth the conversation right there. He said, it was 40-50 feet deep at the dam. I can't see it being that deep, but maybe. It is right about 2 acres. I got a good look at the dam end, and caught some more bass and a few bluegill at the previous spot which is in the middle on a cove, and over at the dam end. The bluegill aren't colored quite right and hit bass lures. The neighbor said it was hybrid bluegill. I caught several on a popper and one on a crankbait, a normal sized crankbait! Them are some aggressive bluegill right there. There is a moderate amount of stringy, long brown moss stuff that collets on your crankbaits, at least along the banks I fished. Water is not clear, but not muddy. I got a few fish on a fluke which is new to me. They refused the chartreuse spinnerbait, though all my crankbait bites have been on a that color (I ain't tried another color yet). I did get some pics, but I haven't gotten them to where I can share yet.
  15. I have been blessed to find a great fishing spot and be granted access to fish. It all started last fall on the church hayride when I spotted a nice lake. I was told then the owner doesn't let anyone fish. Well, fast-forward to now, I ended up asking a friend about this lake and she said "maybe, it won't hurt to ask." So Sunday after service I was talking about it to the preacher and I asked him to say a prayer over me, which he did, asking for God's favor. The lake is behind a big hill and just barely visible from the road, very close to the church I attend. I stopped on my way home and asked the owner, and I was granted permission to fish; Praise God! By all accounts, there are very few outsiders that have permission. His son stopped while I was getting ready to walk to the water and questioned me. He was surprised I got permission. Someone else stopped and asked my wife (who waited in the van) and she was surprised as well. Another friend that knows of them was surprised. That Sunday afternoon, in about an hour I had 5 strikes and 3 lands, all smaller with the largest being 1.5 pounds. I went back Wednesday, on my way to bible study, with only 45 minutes to fish. I landed 7 and had 2 other strikes, one shook it, one didn't hook up. So far, they are hitting crankbaits, and then a senko and a fluke, with unsuccessful strikes on a popper and plopper. I'd say they are in the middle of the spawn (according to the research I've done on my area) and the small cove I was fishing is probably prime bedding. Some of the strikes were outside of the mouth, some in, and the senko and fluke were in obvously. Here's the question, other than enjoying a spot with little/no pressure, how can I best utilize it to further my bass fishing skills? Sure, cranking in bass every 5 minutes is fun, but it doesn't help me build my skills to then be applied to more wary bass (at least I don't think it does).
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