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  1. I’m going to be honest. I don’t like dealing with Game Wardens. I’ve met some nice ones and stuff, but I don’t really enjoy getting stopped by any law enforcement officer.
  2. Bluegill are my favorite fish to eat. Like GreenPig said I fillet them cause I don’t like picking through all the bones. Bass are good if you prepare them right. I fillet them then soak them in iced salt water overnight , mustard fry till they float all golden and crispy the next evening. I’m getting hungry.
  3. That’s that movie Brad Pitt gets beat to death. I enjoyed that movie. Not cause he got beat to death , that would be weird.
  4. I don’t wear a life jacket very often . But when I do, it’s an inflatable. Used to wear the Coast Guard orange jacket that floats me face up really well but it’s too dang hot. Still have it on board in case of a narly storm.
  5. I agree with 99% of what you said. I just wish you would have mentioned that paying attention is important.
  6. Was the person having the yard sale a divorced woman ?
  7. I’m in business to be in business. Richard Pryor.
  8. That’s the way I feel about jitterbugs. Bloop bloop bloop. Fun to see and hear.
  9. You should definitely buy another rod. A bunch of them.
  10. I always have to forget at least one important thing, whether it’s tackle or something else. After I had Covid it got way worse. I can’t access information in my brain like I used to. So frustrating. Sounds like you handled it pretty well though.
  11. Suffix and Vicious also make some really good mono.
  12. A purple worm year round. When the water warms up then bloop around a jitterbug.
  13. Kevin and Bob went fishing and Bob was bitten on the butt cheek by a water moccasin. Kevin called the doctor for advice. The doctor said “ make an incision on both fang marks and suck out as much venom as possible “. After hanging up Bob asked what the doctor said. Kevin looked at Bob and told him “ He said you’re going to die “.
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