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    Mostly fish retention ponds  due to current situation.
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    Coaching youth football.

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    50 years old,fond memories of dad,friends & family fishing in northern Minnesota. Quit fishing during teen years picked back up around late twenties getting serious enjoyment last 10-15 years.

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  1. I drive Ford, Toyota and a Honda 😆😂 All jokes aside my current favorite is my Tatula 80 which has me seriously wanting to grab a new Tatula 100 with the new gear set.
  2. @Buffdaddy54 Bass pro still carries their version of the “chatter bait” called shudderlicious which is on sale currently also. The bait is pretty cool as you can change the hook to a different style or size. I’m going to pick up a few more when I go for the spring sale.
  3. @CDMTJager As someone who owns both a Revo X winch gen 4 and the previous version of the Tatula CT (red) vs (blue) highlights its hands down the Tatula imho. The braking system on the Daiwa is absolutely superior, again in my opinion. But I’m going to tell you to not only listen to everyone who’s suggesting the SLX MGL but I’m going to offer another option which is buy JDM or Japanese Domestic Market. You can currently get a brand new 2024 Daiwa Tatula for $117.87 plus shipping which will keep you under cost and receive a free lure with the purchase or 2 if you purchase 2 reels. Plus being a 2024 they have all 3 gear ratios to choose from. This particular site is www.japanlureshop.com.
  4. @ATA I love how aggressive bluegills get 😃 I caught this one yesterday on an 1/8 oz rattle trap which is definitely smaller than what your guy was trying to eat😉
  5. @Dogface I’m sure you’ll be sharing some pictures soon 😉
  6. Rapala has 20% off all Suffix Monofilament line. Use code SPOOL at checkout
  7. @Blue Raider Bob I had really good luck late last season on an 1/8 oz blue fox spinner but I remember our very own @ol'crickety commented on not forgetting the plain brass mepps and although this is a eagle claw version it still did the job.
  8. Got my first fish of 2024 yesterday. Caught 2 but other one picture didn’t turn out😟 They were definitely cold 😬
  9. ⬆️⬆️ Although my favorite color is the peanut butter and jelly for $1.00 I buy every color they have 😉
  10. @WaskaCrank12 I have 3 of the original Piscifun Carbon X reels myself, 1 is a 2000 size I use on a 7’2” medium power rod and 2 are the 1000 size. I paired my 2 1000’s with Bass Pro Shop Panfish Elite rods in 6’-8” ultralight and a 7’-2” light powered rod and couldn’t be happier. I’m curious as to how much bigger you feel the Miravel body is🤔as I’m still debating grabbing a 2500 shallow spool for my 7’-1” medium light rod.
  11. @Koz That’s awesome to hear you stuck with it and from the sounds of it will be for life.
  12. @ATA That is one kick a** combo my man 😃 And the price couldn’t be better to boot 😉 @ATA Maybe our vintage experts aka @bulldog1935 & @redmeansdistortion along with the others on here can shed some light on that reel. PS I totally dig the shape of that reel.
  13. @ol'crickety I understand what you’re saying about gusting winds and although it may sound like I work for or get a kickback from Suncast that’s not the case. I only mentioned them as far as a ton of options, great customer service and a well built product. I’ll share one more that to me is a great design 😉 If you’re interested in keeping the storage container in the ground get some small diameter rebar as long as 24” then bend the top 6”-12” into an L shape and drill 4 holes in the corners and drive them into the ground then silicone the holes for waterproofing and the wind or thieves will think twice about stealing your storage container 😉
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