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    Southwest suburb of Chicago Illinois 
    New Lenox
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    Between 3-4 lbs
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    Mostly fish retention ponds  due to current situation.
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    Coaching youth football.

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    50 years old,fond memories of dad,friends & family fishing in northern Minnesota. Quit fishing during teen years picked back up around late twenties getting serious enjoyment last 10-15 years.

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  1. @AmmoGuy @Cbump and @RichF thank you guys for making me feel better about my open box purchase from Midway 😃 I placed an order for a Daiwa B&G 1500 which has been a reel I’ve been wanting for a while now.
  2. Has anyone bought an open box special before?
  3. @reelChris St Croix is having their customer appreciation day June 17th. Sign up for their E-mail to receive updates.
  4. In honor of those who gave everything including their lives for my freedom my humblest Thanks.
  5. Nothing super special but after busting my butt yesterday and taking the wife flower shopping today I picked up a 15 pack to treat myself tonight and tomorrow😃
  6. @BrianMDTX I’m sorry as I’m the only one who left a laughing emoji but holy heck “refuges from a sardine can” I laughed out loud and I thank you for that. You should moonlight as a sitcom writer during the writers strike 😉
  7. Daiwa Tatula CT in either 7 or 8 speed. Not exactly the lightest, smallest or sexiest reel but a proven workhorse available at a fair price and can usually be found relatively inexpensive if you’re patient in your shopping.
  8. Caught these 2 at my favorite retention pond yesterday. I would have thought I recaught the same fish twice if it wasn’t for the fact the first one I released was stuck in the weed infested area that went from the shore to about 15 feet out. I almost waded in to re-release him but he finally figured it out. After the second catch and me having to launch him back into the water so he didn’t have the same problem I decided I’m going to hit some other ponds with cleaner edge’s until they treat the pond via the homeowners association.
  9. Bass pro uses this product on several of their rods. I have 2 rods with it and find it very comfortable.
  10. I don’t use braid often but I do have a spinning reel with 8 lb Daiwa grand x8 j-braid and I love it. Super smooth very limp and quiet and holds even my not so great knots well.
  11. I too have a Carbonlite 2.0 combo In medium/fast. I’ve had it for several years as it was one of my first when I started getting serious about bait casters. I’ve enjoyed mine very much. I find it very easy to adjust for different lure weights and conditions but honestly I didn’t fiddle with it very often as I mainly had a 3/8 ounce lipless crank or spinner bait tied on. I feel they’re a good bang for buck especially if you catch it on sale and BPS has a great warranty to boot.
  12. I wish you the best of luck he moves back. But if not it sounds like you have a solid plan to continue the friendship 👍🏻
  13. I would walk through hell and back for my family and that includes my 3 dogs.
  14. Congratulations 🎉🍾🎊 As a father of 2 boys and a kick butt daughter myself I’m hoping you guys get your wish but either way it sounds like you’re going to be happy.
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