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    Mostly fish retention ponds  due to current situation.
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    50 years old,fond memories of dad,friends & family fishing in northern Minnesota. Quit fishing during teen years picked back up around late twenties getting serious enjoyment last 10-15 years.

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  1. @August After hearing about Japan Lure Shop from this site I’ve purchased a few reels from them including 3 Shimano reels. They have 2 tiers of shipping and they include a bonus lure which helps offset the shipping costs. The prices are shown in yen but as an example you can purchase a slx mgl shown on site as 24 slx for 15,960 yen which converts to $101.34.
  2. I feel the answer is wherever your budget lies. As an example for me at least I try to stay around or under $150.00 for rods or reels and I’m at the point in both my life and my current collection that I can be extremely patient. It also helps that I’m not the type that has to have the “latest/greatest” so I don’t mind having a few leftovers if you will. Case in point a handful of years ago I bought a Daiwa Tatula Type R for $99.00 brand new in the box that was supposedly found in the unsold stock 🤔 I didn’t care as it was brand new and a reel I wanted for quite awhile. Conversely I think my personal best bang for buck purchase has been my Shimano SLX MGL from Japan Lure Shop. As I just saw bulldog1935’s reply my next purchase;hopefully next month) will be a JDM Alphas 800 SVTW as I again personally feel that’s a reel to not miss out on at the current Japanese prices.
  3. @DitchPanda I’ll second that sentiment especially when I see what the current price is. I will add I picked up a mixed 12 pack of Three Floyd’s from my local grocery store last night and so far the standout for me is the “Age of otters” IPA 😋Although I will say the standout can graphics for me at least go to the “Zombie Ice Double Pale Ale” even though I prefer the former for taste.
  4. What’s the name of the podcast?
  5. @TOXIC My wife also used that book when training our first dog, a beautiful female German Shepherd named Savahna who was without a doubt the most well behaved dog we’ve had.
  6. @Bazoo maybe you can include a photo so we know what yore working with. I’m only familiar with the gulp alive crickets.
  7. Welcome from a fellow Illinois member, I’m in New Lenox myself.
  8. As I just posted in another post if you’re comfortable buying from Japan you can get either a SLX MGL or a Tatula 80 for at or just above the $100.00 price point from Japan Lure Shop at least and both will have the ability to get you into some smaller trout lures, or you can buy a bfs spool for the Tatula from Ali Express for sure as @bulldog1935 has shared the listing with me and have a dual function reel that can be used on species appropriate rods.
  9. @dixiemagnum80 As long as you’re comfortable buying from Japan my suggestions are either a Shimano SLX MGL or a Daiwa Tatula 80, the SLX is at $100 and the Tatula is at $107 available through Japan Lure Shop. I have both bought from Japan Lure Shop. If you do go to the site the SLX MGL is listed as the 24 SLX. JLS has the Tatula 100 listed for $111.49 also if you want a larger spool, their shipping is reasonably priced and with express shipping at $12.50 for my location I received my reels in under 7 days.
  10. 🤔 In this case is it better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission 🤷‍♂️
  11. One of my favorites is Mavis Staples and Jeff Tweety covering Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Wrote a song for everyone” her voice is so gritty on that track.
  12. @ol'crickety That is definitely a slice of heaven imho. Thanks for sharing the photos and of course your reporting makes it feel like being in a canoe next to you, at least for me 😃
  13. @NorthernBasser Great picture 👍🏻 I love Steve Harris and Iron Maiden .
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