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  1. I turned on Live on my phone late in the coverage. Only saw a couple catches, but knew it hadn't been did an easy day for at least one angler with a camera in the boat. Wish I could remember who it was, but I counted 18 rods on a guy's front deck. Impressive...lol
  2. Sustained winds over 20, gusting over 40 all day. Every time I got tempted to go out a big gust would come through. Tomorrow morning may be OK until 11 or so, then wind's back again.
  3. There is a sense of entitlement among some pros that rubs me the wrong way. More than a couple have said that they are there just one weekend and it is their job, so locals should give way. On the other hand, I have had guys ask me if I am fishing a tournament and when I said yes, they have backed out of an area they were on first. So, I will often do the same. But it always comes down to tone and attitude. The most respectful always get the most grace.
  4. Mojo glass rod is without a doubt my single worst rod purchase. Heavy and dead.
  5. I don't like that they spray my lake, either. (Not the ones I mentioned earlier). They already sprayed a couple weeks ago. I think if they feel the need to spray, doing this early does not seem to hurt all too much. First growth was only 12"-18" or so. I will be pulling slime off my lures for a bit longer, but new growth will start showing pretty soon. I am told that this lake, like many (most?) in NC are sprayed because of the power company, vice State Dept of Wildlife, or homeowner whining.
  6. I say that it is hilarious that multiple bass utubers can cash a check saying just about anything. Chatterbait is the worst, because it really can work fished so very differently. Wouldn't be hard to find five more contradictory videos about a bladed jig.... they're good around wood, avoid wood because you will lose them... fish them like a jig, fish them like a crankbait... fish have become immune to them, or the vibration is such that fish will continue to react to them no matter how many they see.... don't use braid; only use braid...sweep hookset, or jam 'em....
  7. Killing me sitting here waiting for workweek to end, but knowing the lakes and rivers are going to see gale force gusts for the next 60 hours. I don't recall 3 straight days and nights of sustained unsafe wind. The fish are probably eating everything in sight right now. I've been looking for a launch within 2 hours that won't be unsafe this weekend
  8. I assume the funky url counts visitors direct from br. At least I didn't get Rick Astley.
  9. Lol. Once a fish gets to crunching a tail, she's got 6 treble points stuck in her mouth...probably does not matter much how realistic the tail tastes by that time
  10. @MediumMouthBass, I used to hate a couple big pond/small lakes that would get choked bad in the summer. Tough to get around and fish for a period, but they remain truly great lakes for bass. I very much hope they don't ever get carp introduced.
  11. I have spent embarrassing amount of time stalking and casting to movements in pad fields that end with gigantic carp finally jumping, as if to say, 'Hey, Dummy, no bass here...just us and the turtles"
  12. My half dozen Smoke PT's are right there with Zillion. The Smoke S3's are not far below.
  13. I have needed readers for 20 years, though thankfully, no prescription lenses yet. Somehow, the market for polarized readers must not be too great because there really are not as many options as I would expect. About 9 years ago, I found comfortable polarized bi-focal readers at a tent vendor outside a BX, base exchange, in VA. They were $40, of moderate quality, but had clear lenses with decent enough magnification. They came with a lifetime warranty, so each year, when the gal came back in May, I'd get a new pair for the $10 warranty fee. A number of years ago, that vendor stopped coming back, I started earnestly looking for good replacement option. @A-Jay's favored choice, Onos, was good...but.... I do not care for my glasses like he does, and the inside lenses got scratched and pitted within a year. Onos replaced them once on the warranty, but I didn't want to do that annually. I love a lot about Onos; the magnification portion is perfect size, they are extremely comfortable and the overall coverage is great. I just don't can't put them in a case whenever they aren't on my face, and the lenses don't hold up more than about 10 months. Last year, I found Costas on Amazon at a price too good to be true. Turns out it was true. Real Costa Finch readers for a little over $100. They aren't there all the time, but keep checking. They have shown up repeatedly. For 110-120. Mine came with the box, case, papers, and lenses properly stamped. They are, by far the clearest lenses I have ever owned. Only minus is that the magnification portion is small. It is fine for tying knots, but for reading, or using phone, I'd like it to be about twice the size.
  14. TTT Got my annual reminder last weekend. Not too bad, but my ears are peeling
  15. With today's news that the Bronco could go up in flames at any time, maybe he'll listen to you now😅
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