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    chicago, ill
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    Between 6-7 lbs
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    Largemouth & Smallmouth
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    Small inland lakes in SW Michigan, shore fish Lake Michigan harbors, and any other body of water I can get on.

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    I shore fish the big lake when the smallies are in the harbors, but do best on an inland lake in SW Michigan.

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  1. Heckuva fish, congrats! Looks like you might be in the canoe, wondering if you have the waypoint data for how far she pulled you around the lake? scott
  2. @bp_fowler I've had straight braid slip at the knot before. Double palomar and double SDJ solved that problem for me. scott
  3. While I'm sure your drag was a contributing factor, you should rarely if ever break at your connection knot. Most braid is 2x the breaking strength of the leader and a locked down drag should more often than not break at the line tie. If you go back to braid to leader maybe double check your connection knots for technique improvement. Most of my connection knot issues stem from line twist in the braid right above the fg knot, making the braid strands separate and fray, or the nub of leader getting worked over the guides repeatedly and causing an unraveling. I used to slay with an unweight zoom fluke jr on spinning tackle and got destroyed by wind knots after too many days of popping/twitching w/out a swivel. Lesson learned for sure. scott
  4. I like your style. I traded credit card points today for my latest one, but then had to buy some more varivas pe, horizon heads, deathadders, and a little diawa spoon. It's such a great reel for M-ML applications and love the current price at digitaka. I recently followed @bulldog1935's advice and did a zillion bearing upgrade and roro x27 spool for a zillion and got an abu garcia Kurodai 7'3ML for true 2-3g bfs fishing. I need to be done for awhile, till the points rack back up or I blow thru all my line learning how to handle a high speed spool. scott @AlabamaSpothunter and @OHBuckets I was being slightly tongue in cheek, they're not terrible, but I certainly can't call them durable. Maybe it was just the aggression level of the fish I was catching, on those days I sometimes switch to cheaper/easier baits to source when they really like it, my last couple times I just rode out the bite going thru most of what I have. Cps does seem to help but you can also backslide rig if the nose is toast but intact. scott
  5. Yeah, I want them too. The 7" sakamata's/6th sense flush/spunk shads are also great on a free rig in those situations when they're closer to the bottom. From last month, top free rig, bottom jighead minnow.... scott
  6. I got to looking if you hadn't seen it... https://www.tackledirect.com/strike-king-kvd-mcs7-magnum-caffeine-shad-lure.html scott
  7. I've had some Shimanos come out of the box heavily greased. Working some oil in there as helped me loosen it up in the past. Hard for me to say if this your issue though. scott
  8. The JDM world is full of this it seems. The Deps Sakamata shad death spiral is the best i've found. Hard part is finding a sakamata shad available for sale. The 7" is definitely worth it. 3lbers have no problem demolishing it. OSP dolive stick and fat stick have great horizontal fall with shimmy and get up to 6". My wallet hurts. scott
  9. A little finer grain compared to the dnr map... https://webapp.navionics.com/?lang=en#boating/mapOptions@13&key=uq|oGtu~jO If fishing up north is new to you, many lakes' best spots are deep weedlines. I'd look at areas I could reach from shore that get 15-20 fow. scott
  10. This one has been on my radar for awhile now, but I've never fished it. Based on how my power pitch and sensor behave, I'd try spoons, carolina rigs, big scroungers, slow rolling 1oz spinnerbaits and swim jigs and a 5" bacca burrito on it to go with jigs and 6" magdrafts. If you try and like any of these things with it, the bait monkey would like me to ask you to let me know. scott
  11. This might be true, but the 734 is worth trying in my opinion. @Turtle Angler Some outlying winners for me in very similar water; Heavy swim jig (1/2-1oz) w/ a 4-5" paddle tail. I set up in the deep water, cast 5-10yds into the weeds preferably the bottom is the depth they are suspending at on the outside edge. I swim it with reel bumps when it can get through. When I hang it, I shake it with increasing force till it pops free. Do this till the boat, I'm after the fish that are eating panfish, and they tend to be the big girls up north. 5 power Dobyns is one of my faves. 5/8oz preacher jig. Set up in deep water, and in my mind's eye, I'm trying to pendulum/tight line/ surf it down thru the weed tops as they descend down the break. When it lands, it's probably still in some weeds, I quickly lift up and reel as fast as possible 2-3 turns and repeat the glide. Usually, this breaks free of the weeds, but @WRB told me about a cps spring and piece of trick worm over the hook point to help stay weedless. This gets hammered with weight, the most tell tale tick, or there's just weight when you go to reel. 4 power loomis mbr action is my fave. I've also had good luck late summer doing this with a 7" flutter spoon though I tend to work it faster to stay higher in the column. 1/2oz jig. Fish it downhill as well, and I usually forgo my dragging and work it with double pops upward. Things are best when I hang up in the weeds often. I shake and shake till I can pop it. Basically, stroking a jig in the cover instead of open water. 1/8oz 4-5" jig worm. This is more finesse and needs a small hook to be able to pop free of the weeds, a #1 or #2 works best for me. It's basically a slightly larger ned presentation. I'm usually more of a 45 degree or parallel to the deep edge. This year I've moved away from this technique toward the next one... jighead minnow, mid strolling shake retrieve that is also downhill. 4-5" straight tail fluke style bait. Two tone colors seem to be best; ie top green bottom clear, etc. Owner range rollers and Gammy horizon heads have been my favorites. Something in the 1.8g-3.5g, #2-1/0 open hook. Between the small hook, light weight, and constant shaking this is surprisingly weedless. With a slow retrieve but vigorous shaking it will dance over their heads, slowly descending, rolling back and forth, like a scrounger in suspended slow motion. I've also been playing around with a large version, mostly retrieving uphill, though both work. This is a 6-7" jerky J or spunk shad on a 5.2g horizon 2/0 LG head. I cast 15-20yds past the weedline, give it about half the slack it needs to hit bottom, then start shaking after 5-8 seconds. Once on bottom, I continuously shake as I slowly reel in. If I hang, I keep shaking and pull hard thru, it's better than 50/50 that I'm still weed free. If the shake weight feels different a couple hard snaps can free it and or trigger a bite. A 6'9 M/F, 6'10 M/RF, and a 7'8 M/RF have been my best 4-5" combos, and a 6'6 MH/F has been the best with the 6-7". You want a tip that can reverberate enough to not tire you out on the shaking. I'm basically fishing electronically blind, so I can't say how they're positioned prior to my casts. But I catch a lot of decent fish like this. I really need precision and feel, so I do best when anchored. Often I cycle through the techniques in one spot. The swim jig and hair jig will attract the active feeders, and the jighead minnow seems to entice the lazier ones. Good luck! scott
  12. @Rockhopper if you’re unaware and interested in lmb health post release, there’s been studies that conclude we can damage a bass’s jaw by holding them horizontal without supporting their weight with our other hand. The best practice for continued catch and release angling is one hand vertical or two hand weight supported horizontal. Nice catches! scott
  13. I agree with Tom, here’s a major craft rod I’ve been very happy with from a reputable jdm website. $126 is a steal for the quality in my opinion. https://www.digitaka.com/item/29/6/5/4573236260310 scott
  14. 2 more votes for digitaka and asian portal fishing. Nothing but trouble free for multiple orders over the last 4 years. scott
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