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  1. softwateronly's post in 22 Shimano Bantam 150HG (JDM) was marked as the answer   
    The 22 Bantam is one of my favorite reels, and though I no longer have a 734, when I did, the 18 bantam was right at home on there.  One of my favorite things about dobyns rods, is that a 6-8oz reel feels nearly identical.  Allows for a lot of reel swapping with other rod companies less interested in balance.
  2. softwateronly's post in Make-do Swimbait/Glidebait Rod was marked as the answer   
    I almost have all those rods and baits.  6" magdraft is probably gonna be best on the EX7'2H.  You could throw it on the DC734, but you'd have to really really lean into a bite, a DC735 would also work great.  A 6" magdraft freestyle should definitely be thrown on your EX7'3XH.  It's the perfect rods for 6-7" beast hook, weedless soft baits, imo.  Swaver 168 would be perfect for the 7'2H.  The chad shad and gill are gonna be best on the EX7'3XH.  I throw over 2oz very frequently with that rod, you'll be fine.  They're both heavy enough where you might wanna make sure you sidearm lob it early till you get the feel of the rod.
    I have "real" swimbait rods, but I end up usually preferring heavy jig rods for certain lures, ie a magdraft and 168 I never tie on to my large reel rigs.  
  3. softwateronly's post in Learning the FG knot was marked as the answer   
    Do your wraps. I’m usually 16-20. I like 2 half hitches next. Then set the knot!  I like a couple quick pops on it, then I torque down and really pull. You’ll see the knot change color as it bites. Next, trim the floro as close as possible, this is the number one source of a knot unraveling over time. Nail clippers are my favorite. Then I do 2-3 more half hitches and a 4 turn rizzuto to finish. Burn or not burn hasn’t affected me yet and I never put nail Polish on it. I think you’ll see there’s really nothing to it as you gain confidence tying them. Best of luck on the swimbait hunt!
  4. softwateronly's post in Near Deep Water was marked as the answer   
    Something that worked for me is breaking a body of water down to a manageable chunk that I could work over 4-5 times in a row, and continually come back to as I expanded patterns and learned more.  I fish small lakes compared to most on here, like 75 acres and 325 acres, so I can only guess how daunting figuring out some big water can be.  I picked a section that had the geography and depth to support the spawn and the closest deep water to that area and spent time on it.  Over a short period of time I learned there can be a lot of dead water.  Over a longer period of time, I learned that the water I thought was dead is in fact holding fish but they are not always active.  Spending time on this smaller chunk of water over years has given me insights into the ebbs and flows of seasons, water temps, water levels, fishing pressure, fish migration, and even bite windows.  If you have electronics, finding the shad would be my priority.  If you don't, structure, cover, and bird watching would guide me the most.
  5. softwateronly's post in Keitech users was marked as the answer   
    Mine have.  I'm a fan of keeping them in their clamshells.
  6. softwateronly's post in Shimano Expride A 7’3xh and 7’6xh was marked as the answer   
    I have a bantam on each and thought they were both very comfortable last season.  I don't remember a difference.
  7. softwateronly's post in Warm gloves you can actually fish in. was marked as the answer   
    It's mid 30's and raining today, my least favorite weather.  These gloves are the real deal!  Thanks @T-Billy for a great rec.  These are also gonna make work a little more comfortable this winter.
  8. softwateronly's post in Poison Adrena "regular" and "regular fast" was marked as the answer   
    I have the 7'3" MH/RF, 6'11M+/F, 7'2"H/F.  I can say that fast should be ruled out for sure.  I find the 7'3"MH/RF does everything pretty well.  I haven't really thrown many trebles on it yet.  I'm about to bring it on a trip where it will serve as my squarebill rod, so I believe it will be good.  Blade baits, swim jigs, chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, underspins, T-rigs, and jigs have all treated me well on that rod.  
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