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  1. softwateronly's post in Keitech users was marked as the answer   
    Mine have.  I'm a fan of keeping them in their clamshells.
  2. softwateronly's post in Shimano Expride A 7’3xh and 7’6xh was marked as the answer   
    I have a bantam on each and thought they were both very comfortable last season.  I don't remember a difference.
  3. softwateronly's post in Warm gloves you can actually fish in. was marked as the answer   
    It's mid 30's and raining today, my least favorite weather.  These gloves are the real deal!  Thanks @T-Billy for a great rec.  These are also gonna make work a little more comfortable this winter.
  4. softwateronly's post in Poison Adrena "regular" and "regular fast" was marked as the answer   
    I have the 7'3" MH/RF, 6'11M+/F, 7'2"H/F.  I can say that fast should be ruled out for sure.  I find the 7'3"MH/RF does everything pretty well.  I haven't really thrown many trebles on it yet.  I'm about to bring it on a trip where it will serve as my squarebill rod, so I believe it will be good.  Blade baits, swim jigs, chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, underspins, T-rigs, and jigs have all treated me well on that rod.  
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