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  1. I’m not here to be daiwa fan boy but try comparing this to an 893 or 894 NRX. You need a brick reel to balance them. I found that the overall steez package weighed less than my 893/894 because the difference between a 7.2 and 6.1 oz reel.
  2. I flip with the CT all the time with a 100mm power handle. The CT is my favorite reel. I have no problem throwing a 1/2 jig or total up to close to 3/4 on the CT. To me, the problem isn’t the CT but rather the 893c. While I’ve never had a ct on an 893 I have had an aldebaran, curado 70, metanium and a bantam. The 893 felt the best with the bantam because it’s tip heavy otherwise. To me, if you really want to throw the ct on the 893 then you need a butt weight of some kind
  3. Everyone lies about how much lighter they are. So, new reel seat, same guide train? Anything else different ?
  4. Id be getting that 6’9 h if they had it with cork
  5. I’m interested to know from anybody who has fished both the differences in techniques, rod power & action. I’m not worried about the weight and sensitivity aspects. I have the adrena which is quite versatile but am considering trading one out for the other.
  6. I have the 783C and Two 844’s, they are all amazing rods but that 783c always finds a way into my hands. It’s a dock skipping machine. It’s also just great at about everything under a 1/2 ounce. Put a light reel on the 783c and it’s like a toy from a weight standpoint
  7. Still looking for opinions on this. The visual of the straight braid vs leader but line diameter differences and no connection knot
  8. I’ve been converting all my handles to the daiwa 100mm paddle handles. This come from either the tatula 100mm or the steez a. Tackle trap had been my go to. Does anybody know where else to get them ?
  9. Interesting since the 7’3xh A & B are both identical in weight
  10. Have had some killer days smallmouth fishing with a kanata we the heavier hooks put on it that tactical bassin recommended. Heavier hooks make it not rise as much
  11. Anybody know of any similar baits that come in white ??
  12. I live in GR. I have friends that have a place on the PM for the salmon run and I fly to florida where I keep an old ranger at my moms just a few miles from headwaters and three forks marsh. I’m pretty luck as it is.
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