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    Puerto Vallarta Mexico
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    Between 10-11 lbs
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    Rock Lake WA
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    All sport fishing,( fly spin,big game, bass, trout salmon)  Hunting, flying, single engine planes and hang gliders.

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    I grew up in a small town in Eastern WA.  Fished for bass every chance I could. Mostly on a lake near our family farm.  Moved to Alaska, when I was 25.  Have guided anglers and hunters, there for over 30 years. I still go to Alaska for a month each sumer and guide for king salmon.    Most of the year I work as the captain of a private 75 foot Mikelson  sport fishing Yacht based in Puerto Vallarta.  Mostly targeting the cow tuna that PV is famous for.  Do occasionaly fish for blue, black, and striped marlin, sailfish, dorado, waho, and many inshore and bottom species.    Only get a chance to bass fish in June when I go home to Eastern WA to visit family.  Spend the rest of the year reading about bass fishing, and buying bass fishing tackle planning my next trip back home. Have started fishing Aguamilpa lake Nayarit Mexico.  Great fishery, lots to learn. Hope to someday retire in WA and fish for bass everyday, that I'm not hunting. 

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  1. Start with 12 Big Game. It will work well with many techniques. After awhile you may want to experiment with other lines, for specific applications.
  2. My excellent crew does most of the work. I didn't gaff a fish, or tie a knot the whole trip. I did get up at 3:00 Am to catch squid while every one else got some sleep.
  3. Bite them. If you loose a tooth it is tungsten, if you develop lead poisoning they are lead.
  4. I once went trout fishing at a lake I had had good luck at the year before. I fished hard all day without a single bite. After I got home I found out the lake had been treated with a Rotenone, a chemical that takes the oxygen out of the water in order to kill off trash fish that have been introduced by bucket biologists. A few days later they planted thousands of trout in the lake. I fished all day on a lake that had all the fish removed a few days before. Not one of the fishing days I like to brag about.
  5. If I could only have one lure it would be an inline spinner. I would prefer to have many different sizes, blade types, and colors, but if I could only have one, it would be a Blue Fox Vibrax #3 silver blade, blue body, single hook. I am confident I could catch fish anywhere in the world with this bait. Last year it killed a skunk for me with a 5.5 pound bass.
  6. I once forgot to cancel a flight plan with the FAA. After that every time I filed a flight plan I turned my watch upside down. This worked so well I started turning my watch upside down for many things I didn't want to forget. As I age, my watch is upside down so often I can't even tell the time if it is right side up. I now have to make a list of the things I have the watch turned for, so I don't forget what I'm trying to remember. Maybe a note that say's turn brain on will work. Sometimes I wonder if my whole life isn't a country music song, and all I can do is enjoy the music.
  7. spinner bait -- Single Colorado black and chartreuse. Jerk Bait.-- Original Rapala floating minnow. Lipless.-- 1/2 oz Bill Lewis Rattle Trap Bladed jig-- none. Jig-- 1/2 oz Arkie head, black blue skirt, spicy beaver trailer, hematoma. Square Bill-- Older Bagleys Balsa B. I don't know the name of the color, but is brown and yellow. I can't imagine a world with just one square bill so I added, 6th Sense Cloud Nine Mini Mag. chart. black back. Soft body swimbait.-- Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper Hard body swimbait.-- I am to cheap to go down that road. Crankbait. I tried to think of just one, but wore my brain out trying to narrow it down under 100 so I am going to have to invoke my right to silence.
  8. We went fishing for 3.5 days out of Puerto Vallarta. First day was slow with one 50 pound tuna. I decided to drift 25 miles off shore for the night rather than go to an anchorage. The plan was to catch squid at night an try them for bait the next day. The plan worked to perfection. The seas were calm and the squid came to the lights. We were able to put 30 squid in the live well, and were back on the fishing grounds at daylight. First drift we landed the 3 tuna in the picture. By the end of the day we had landed 9 tuna between 80 and 130 pounds. The next night I couldn't find any squid, and we had to fish frozen ones the next day. We only landed one 100 pound tuna, one dorado, and a big snapper. The third night I found squid again, and the tuna liked the fresh squid. We were able to land 4 120 pound tuna before leaving for home. Great trip with lots of fish, but very little sleep. All the tuna were caught on squid suspended on the surface below helium balloons.
  9. I am sure there are old guy's out there with live bait, and FFS who are crushing them. You don't hear about them, because they keep their mouths shut, and shun social media.
  10. 1/4 OZ. If that doesn't work, I will fish with something else.
  11. Finally a topic that I excel at. When it comes to catching bass, I am just an average angler. When it comes to backlashing reels, I am a real pro. I have backlashed so bad, I lost a rod and reel over board.
  12. I don't buy Megabass for the same reason I don't take recreational drugs. I don't want to be living on the street begging for money.
  13. I am so accurate at estimating the weight of my bass, that I don't even use a scale anymore. When I did use a scale it was amazing to me how often a scale will be off. The strange thing is I have owned a dozen scales over the years, and they all weighed my fish lighter than the true weight. I have never owned a scale that weighs heavy, but if I ever find one, I may start using a scale again. All the You Tube videos I have seen the scales are way off on the high side. I wonder where they buy their scales.
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