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  1. king fisher's post in A-rig question. was marked as the answer   
    The first time I used an A rig was in late May with a surface temp. of 78 degrees.  I was fishing a ledge that dropped off from a four foot deep flat to 12 feet, then dropped off again to 22 feet.  I had caught a couple nice bass in the morning on the flat with a square bill.  As the sun came up the bass mover to the first drop.  Deep cranks worked for a couple then the bite stopped.  I switched to a skinny dipper, on a 3/8 oz jig head.  Landed two more in the 6 pound range.
             I had recently bought an A Rig and decided if they like one swimbait, maybe they would like 5.  First cast I nearly got my arm ripped off.  Every bait on the rig got hit.  I landed two 6 pound bass, and had to replace all five Skinny Dippers.  The next cast I landed an 8 pound bass, and had a bigger one, get off while trying to land the double.  Later that summer I had to get my shoulder operated on, and I like to put the blame on the A Rig.  
            I don't fish an A Rig as much as I should because I mostly fish around cover and am scared to snag such an expensive rig and loose it.   Also I hate to cast one, and prefer other lures.
            I have never used an A Rig in colder weather, because where I fish it doesn't get cold, but I assure you they work in the summer here.
  2. king fisher's post in Why do fishing rods have to be 1 long piece ? Is there tat much difference in it ? was marked as the answer   
    Multi piece rods don't fly apart, or break, while landing large hard fighting fish, all over the world, but can't catch bass.  Seems odd to me.
  3. king fisher's post in Not so salty Rapala jerkbaits was marked as the answer   
    If the baits came from the factory with single hooks then I would fish them that way.  Switching to single hooks on lures designed for trebles can ruin the action, or make them impossible to tune.  I have fished places where single hooks are required and I have to leave many of my favorite cranks at home because they will not work with single hooks.  Many times I prefer single hooks, but only if the lure will run correctly.  
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