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  1. This is an age old subject among bronze aficionados. I’ve heard countless respected anglers tout the “two riffles” narrative with confidence. I have also heard from equally respected anglers that they have caught smallmouth miles from their summer habitat during spawn. This makes me rethink everything I’ve learned. My gut tells me based on what I’ve seen and heard that they most certainly are capable of traveling great distances to feed up for spawn, typically to a large riffle or more often low head dam. The spawn takes a great deal of stress and energy and I think they will go where they know there is an abundance of food.
  2. So those 150 sized reels can handle 1/2 oz spinners/chatters w trailer? Wondering if it’s really worth compromising spool capacity just to widen the variety of cranks I can throw. I like crank baits as search baits but it’s not my go to, and on my existing setup I have several 1/2 oz options (RK crawlers, Yozuri, etc.)
  3. Appreciate it. So I guess now my question is do they make a reel that handles both heavy spinner/chatters and spooks as well as 3/8 cranks?
  4. That’s just unusual that what is arguably the most popular well known casting reel is incapable of throwing the most popular well known crankbait.
  5. What about 12 lb mono since I use this for topwater as well? Would a Dobyns Fury/champion cast KVD 1.5s a lot better than the Mojo? What power would you go with?
  6. Gotcha, man maybe I need to get over the braid birds nest learning curve. So with 14 lb mono you would prob struggle as well to throw a KVD 1.5?
  7. So you think my reel is more the issue or my rod? I was thinking what you said originally, that St. Croix being overpowered was my issue, as there shouldn’t be a dramatic difference between a Curado and a Tatula. Both have same adjustments available. Are there rods with a wider range of lure ratings, ie 1/4 - 1 oz or even 3/4? So you think the reel itself or the line?
  8. I currently have a mojo bass 7’ medium heavy moderate fast paired with a Curado 200XGK as my “do everything” casting setup. I keep it spooled with 14 lb Trilene XL to cover this wide range of lures, which while not ideal for some presentations is easy to cast and work with and inexpensive. I cannot seem to throw a KVD 1.5 or any 3/8 oz crank very far on this setup for some reason without adjusting the breaks or spool tension every time I switch baits which is a pain in the ass. I am stuck with 1/2 oz or heavier crank baits to get any sort of casting distance which is very limiting. I am assuming this is because the rod is too heavy? I know St Croix are underrated power wise, I’m wondering if a Fury or Champion may offer more flexibility in this regard. What power rod do you crank with? I’m on a kayak so sort of limited to only 4 setups hence why I am trying to squeeze so many applications into this one rod.
  9. While I am sure every system is different, there are certain consistencies in regards to river smallmouth behavior during the spawn. For guys who fish beds, which I’ve tried and while I don’t enjoy it quite as much as targeting active fish has it’s place in the absence of other options for bored trophy hunters - do you find that Ned rigging is key and once fry have hatched a fluke is the only really consistent technique? Lastly, what is your game plan once the fry have been displaced by the first blow out, do you immediately switch over to summer pattern or do you find them scattered, lethargic and difficult to catch?
  10. I previously threw either a tandem or double willow with gold/silver blades and a white & chartreuse skirt. I have seen a lot of people throwing the classic chartreuse double willow with chartreuse skirt who swear by this, and say it is more visible in stain. What are your preferences for different stain levels?
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