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  1. They just started BOGO on all Rapala hard baits today. Might be a good chance to try out the new Mavrik jerkbait.
  2. I saw your latest video testing out your new weigh bag. You know you're doing something right when you say "it's just a small one but I want to test the new scale setup" and pull up a 4lb smallie. 😂
  3. I'd be interested in this if they apply it to the Wide Gap Finesse hook, would definitely pick up a pack to try in such a case.
  4. Slow bite, wind died on me right after I started fishing. Did get to huck the glide bait around and triggered my first strike on it (no hookup sadly) which had me pretty excited. Managed 7, most of them in the last hour before dark. All on chatterbait. Switched to the stealth blade with the Crush City freeloader on the back, triggered some good eats; this 2.78lber slammed it up against the bank. Durability is questionable, though, I seem to be averaging only a few fish on them before they're trashed, but they work!
  5. Got a few of the new Berkley Nessie delivered yesterday, started throwing the 7" in shad around for a few hours. Had a few follows but none to commit. Took it again today and got one to commit, but it was small and missed the hook. Finally got my official first catch on it, my official current "glide bait PB": Not sure if my scale could've handled her, what a hoss!
  6. I've fished them a little bit, they've been my go-to budget rod recommendation for several years now for friends getting into the sport, just never had a reason to pull the trigger on one for myself. Definitely a standout in their price point though. Your posts about the MH/F are why I went with it over the medium.
  7. Fixed a ProMax I had lying around, my first casting reel, been sitting after the thumb bar cracked in half on it. Replaced it and didn't know what to do with it, so I picked up a 7' MH/F Aird-X to be matchy matchy with it as a beater/loaner combo. And on my way home, got a notification that the Berkley Nessies I ordered were delivered. Two 7" in shad and two 5" in hickory shad, will be curious to see how these work.
  8. Nice to see you back at it. Beautiful smallie!
  9. The SLX MGL was the runaway star of the SLX line in my opinion, the upgraded MGL III spool and silent tune with no price increase make it a no brainer and a tough one to beat at its price point.
  10. For my weightless Texas rigged senkos, I use a 6'10" M/XF casting rod, on 30lb braid to 12lb mono leader. For wacky rigged senkos, I fish them on a 7' M/XF spinning rod, 15lb braid to 12lb mono leader.
  11. Good luck finding that in Florida! 😂 I've seen decent sized gators in a spot of water smaller than my driveway. Any speck of water that's been there long enough to be worth fishing is gonna have gators in it as well.
  12. Spinnerbait: I don't know enough about them yet to say, but currently the Strike King 1/2 oz compact double willow in either silver/white or mouse, responsible for my two biggest spinnerbait fish so far. Jerkbait: If any of you have been watching me try to learn how to become an effective jerkbait fisherman over the last couple of years, then this answer will not surprise you. H2OX Ultimate Jerk Shad in the Crackle color. Lipless: An impossible choice, but if I had a gun to my head, I'd go with the 1/2 oz Booyah One Knocker in Flashy Momma. Bladed jig: Tough one. The 1/2 oz Chatterbait Evo in bluegill would probably be my choice, but it would be hard not to take the "Original" Chatterbait 1/2 oz in green pumpkin. Very quick and easy to modify the blade to have instant startup, all of my biggest Chatterbait fish have been on this version. Jig: 3/8 oz Strike King skipping jig in watermelon/red. Squarebill: N/A Crankbait: N/A Soft body swimbaits: Gambler Big EZ. Hard body swimbait: N/A.
  13. The one thing I'm jealous of you northerners about. I could never bank fish that late at night with the gators here. S L A B
  14. Was it the post in November where I talked about losing that enormous bass on a work trip on that color? Still wake up in a cold sweat some nights thinking about her, she was a truly awesome fish. Unlikely I'll be in that area to get another shot at her, but you never know.
  15. Main negatives I saw were people having issues with the blade not rotating. I have a handful of these spinnerbaits in a couple of colors, all of them run true and the blades spin freely. My experience, outside of this incident, has been positive.
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