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    used to tournament fish back in 80-90’s but just for fun now

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  1. Thanks for the report Ski. Nice rig you got there too. Good luck Friday
  2. Look up Palm Bay Outfitters. They rent fully rigged bass boats by the day for Headwaters and Stick Marsh. They are on FB as well.
  3. Crypt has the best suggestions. I might throw Orange lake in there too but it’s up around Gainesville. If you were to stay around Ft. Pierce area you could hit all Crypt mentioned. I’m not sure if there’s much for the ladies besides the beaches and the water is going to be chilly that time of year.
  4. So many options for you. How many days will you be down here? Do you want bass/ freshwater only or maybe some saltwater? Crappie will be going strong. Bass may be finicky when a cold front comes through. Cold weather doesn’t affect saltwater fish that much. In fact certain species will be better that time of year. Weather will always play a factor in December. What area of Florida are you looking at?
  5. Island, I’m very familiar with what 6# test can do. I used it a lot back in my saltwater days in south Florida as it was a line class category for the old MET tournament. I use 4# braid a LOT now and have caught bass over 6#, redfish over 30# and even a 14# amberjack on it.
  6. Thanks guys. I’ll downsize to 6# if I go FC or go to mono.
  7. It’s a one time trip Phish. Just want to spool an extra spool with it just in case. Hopefully I won’t need it. 😂
  8. Looking for some 10# fluorocarbon for a spinning reel. Going on trip where clear water is the norm. Would like to stay on a tight budget if possible.
  9. My wife of 29 years is my best friend and fishing partner. She can back a boat trailer better than most of my male friends. And she holds her own when fishing whether it’s fresh or salt water. Throws a bait caster like a champ too. I’ve been humbled more than a few times by her.
  10. Pleasure boat traffic, spraying and fishing pressure. I’m on the St. John’s river and you don’t even bother to fish the weekends for the boat traffic. It’s like interstate 95. On most of our lakes it’s the amount of fishing pressure it gets all the time. Harris and Kissimmee chains have multiple tournaments every weekend of the year. same goes for okeechobee and mot of the other larger lakes. Top all that off with the continuous spraying they do and it makes for tough fishing on most days.
  11. That’s what I’m using now. They work fine but just wanted something a little more durable.
  12. I’m looking for an inexpensive pouch for storing about 6 plastics bags stored in their original bags. I’d like a 3 sided zipper and no supplied binder sleeves, just an open pouch. Anyone have any suggestions?
  13. Thanks bud. Warm weather on its way😉
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